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8 Valuable Parenting Goals Every Parent Should Have

8 Valuable Parenting Goals Every Parent Should Have

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What are those universal goals that all parents should set for ourselves? Of course, we must include caring for and loving children above all else, respecting them, teaching them everything they need to learn ... However, I mean goals about raising children something more concrete, those that we carry in our hearts and that to make them come true we have to put all our efforts. Do you want to see the goals that we have written down on our list? You will love them!

What is a goal? I would define it as a purpose or goal set, for oneself in this case, for which one must do everything possible to achieve it. So far everyone agrees, right? Now, if I told you what are your goals as a mother or father for your children? Would you know what to answer me?

Sure you do, but you would have to think about it very well. It is not for less, it is about our children. Let's do one thing, I write here all the goals that all moms and dads in the world should set ourselves and then you tell me if you agree with me, if you have already fulfilled any and if you would add any other to the list. Do you think it's OK? Here we go!

1. Make our children smile every day
For me it is an essential goal that I must achieve every day. And I don't just mean making my children laugh out loud when we start tickling, which also, I'm talking more about making them smile when I teach them something new, when I bring them their favorite snack to school, when I tell them that today in the afternoon we are going to go to the park ...

2. Not miss a single important moment for them
Is it important for your child that you see him read the book he brought from school? Run! Hurry up! Do not miss it and then regret it. The important moments for the little ones are not only this or that soccer game. There is much more!

3. Teach them to pursue their dreams
What were your dreams when you were little? What are the dreams your children have now? Make them see that they should not abandon themselves for anything in the world, in things like that is where happiness hides.

4. Read hundreds and hundreds of stories
Let's see, what other goal should we parents set for ourselves? It occurs to me to read the more stories the better. The benefits of reading, at any age, you already know very well, but they are also unique moments to live as a family and never forget.

5. Build a healthy family life
This parenting goal is also very important as well as very necessary. We have the great mission of making healthy habits at home such as healthy and balanced eating, playing sports outdoors and not spending hours in front of a screen. Remember, it is a goal to be achieved by all members of the family.

6. Enhance your talent
Goal number 6: do everything possible to enhance the talent of your children, and not only that but you will also have the extra mission of discovering what those talents are.

7. Educate without saying the word 'no' every so often
This sure you already know it. I do, to spare, but I have to confess that I am still in the process of reaching it. Many times it is impossible for me not to educate my children without saying no to them every second. Of course I'm going to keep trying.

8. Create bonds and make them last a lifetime
I remember that a mother with experience in educating children once told me, her daughters were 11 and 13 years old, that one of the most necessary things that there is, for the children and for us, is to create bonds from the beginning, And not only that, but try to make them last a lifetime. How do you do that? I asked him. At that time my son was barely 2 years old. 'Well, of course,' she told me. He also compared it to a tree, if it is watered with love, it will grow strong and healthy. Since that day that is another of my goals that I want to achieve as a mother.

Relax, moms and dads, there are many goals but we have our whole lives ahead of us to achieve them. We will get it!

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