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Short stories for babies

Short stories for babies

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You don't have to wait for babies to speak or understand what we are saying to be able to tell them stories. Experts tell us that contact with books can be made from the earliest stages of childhood. Already from the cradle, read short stories for babies It is a great stimulus for the little ones in the house.

And it is that the early introduction to children's literature supposes great advantages for the later development of the child. They can initially see the illustrations, they can touch the story and even suck it if it is made of cloth or plastic (and it is very clean!). You want start your child in the wonderful world of reading? Do not miss the compilation of great stories that we propose below!

Here is a selection of stories that you can read to your baby and encourage him to read. You will find stories of all kinds, some very tender such as 'A chick named Llito' or 'The baby elephant' and others that are tales of a lifetime, traditional tales that have been passed down from generation to generation. Enjoy them a lot!

To make the experience of reading these stories even more stimulating and entertaining, here are some tips that you should keep in mind to read to your child.

- Your baby's attention time will not be very long
As fun as the story you're reading to your baby is, you can't expect him to pay as much attention as a 5-year-old would. We must bear in mind that the ability to focus on a stimulus in front of them improves over time. Babies focus on what catches their attention, so if they suddenly see that their favorite toy is on the other side of the couch, they will lose interest in the book and will try to pick it up. So if your baby wants to change activities shortly after reading begins, it is not because you are a bad storyteller, but because he has yet to learn to maintain attention.

- Reading is a game
We must turn the moment of reading into a fun game for children. In this way, it will be much more attractive for the little ones. To do this, you can use puppets, dolls, represent the story yourself ...

- Use different voices for different characters
A good way to entertain and attract the attention of babies is to dramatize the story. To do this, do not hesitate to bring out that funny child in you and become each of the characters in the story, giving them their own personality and voice.

As Elisabel Rubiano from the University of Carabobo (Venezuela) assures in her study 'Words that nurture and lull. Progress of the reading readiness for babies project ', for Educere magazine, in the case of reading for babies our voice, its musicality and its tone are much more important than what we are really saying. And it is that the little one understands more from our expressiveness, either through the voice or through gestures, than through the words that come out of our mouth. For this reason, providing a certain theatricality to our stories will make babies enjoy reading more.

- Go pointing to the illustrations
A good way for your little one to follow the story is to point to the illustrations in the story. You can do it so that he understands the different actions or to emphasize which character is speaking at the moment.

- Choose striking stories for your baby
Look for simple stories, with colorful illustrations and short stories. Those books that have textures are also of great help to stimulate the little ones. Even if it makes reading difficult, let your baby hold the book, hit it or try to turn the pages, since all this game has great benefits for him.

Even do not hesitate to invent stories that are striking for your baby. With practice you will become the best storyteller!

- Prepare a quiet reading environment
To direct your little one's attention to the book, avoid all external stimuli that could be annoying. Turn off the television or radio, pick up the toys ... A great idea could be to put on some calm classical music, especially when we are looking for our child to relax.

Do you usually read short stories to your baby? Well you should! And, as we have already told you at the beginning of this article, this activity has many benefits for the little ones. We are going to see some of the most remarkable ones.

1. Improves the bond between parents and babies
During childhood, the bond between parents and baby is very important, since it transmits security to the little one. Spending fun and close moments, such as this little reading time, is a great way to strengthen attachment. So don't hesitate to sit your baby on your lap and read a story with him.

2. Helps calm the baby
Reading a story can be a wonderful way to calm your baby down before bed, especially for those energetic little ones who won't stop crawling or running around all day. Whether lying in your arms or on her bed, reading a story can help her slow down until then. In this case, it is best to use a calm and collected tone of voice.

3. It is a very stimulating activity for babies
Reading is a great stimulation game for children: visual, because of the images they see in books; auditory, because they hear you tell the story; tactile, in case the story has different textures and they are able to turn the pages ... And, of course, it encourages the acquisition of the language of the little ones.

4. Teach children new words
Especially in the case of older babies, reading can get them used to hearing words that they had not heard before. In fact, stories can be a perfect support to reinforce the learning of the first words: mom, dad, colors, animals ...

5. Encourage reading in the future
The fact that children are used to having stories in their hands from a very young age encourages the habit of reading for the future. The little ones learn to normalize and get into the routine of dedicating some time each day to reading.

6. It's never too early to start reading
Even before the baby is born, reading is a perfect resource to improve the bond between parents and child. The little one will begin to get used to the voice of his mother and father.

Besides reading stories, there are many other activities that you can share with your baby. While having a very fun time, you will be able to stimulate your little one. Let's look at some other perfect activities to enjoy with your baby.

- Sing and dance children's songs
Children's songs are a great educational resource to stimulate your baby's sense of rhythm and music, but also to learn vocabulary, to improve his psychomotrocity ... and to have a great time!

- Enjoy lullabies
In addition to the goodnight story, listening to lullabies or lullabies will help children to get to bed more calmly.

- Games and stimulation activities
Puppets, stacking games, constructions, paintings ... Any activity can be a great opportunity for your children to learn and satisfy their curiosity. Keep in mind that adult supervision is always necessary.

- Enjoy with the sensory trays
With objects that we all have at home, we can make a simple sensory tray that stimulates children's senses, but also improves their hand-eye coordination and works on fine psychomotrocity.

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