Games for children at Carnival

Games for children at Carnival

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Carnivals are a fun party, especially for the little ones in the house, who enjoy getting into the shoes of their favorite superhero or a fairytale princess. Therefore, the carnival, is a type of party that lends itself to the realization of games with children. Having a fun time with them never hurts, but surely at this time we all have a little more joy when it comes to playing a role or dressing up.

Have you run out of ideas to celebrate the funniest carnivals for children? We start by proposing 8 fun games for children at Carnival.

One of the things to keep in mind is that children love to play, but also participate in the preparation of the Carnival games, something that will also help your coordination, creativity, communication and teamwork, so get to work.

1. Gymkhana
Create clues around the house so that children have to pass tests to advance and get the final prize.

2. Chirigota
You have to choose a catchy song that the children know and change the lyrics or improvise it, the laughs are sure to be guaranteed, and there is always room for improvisation. It is a great game to work the creativity and sense of rhythm of the little ones.

3. Who am I?
Arranged in a circle, a person will step inside and have to imitate to another character, for example Superman will have to imitate a clown, or a cowboy playing a nurse ... The others will have to guess which character he is imitating. What a fun Carnival!

4. Hoop throw
Place stakes in the garden so that it is more difficult to score in some than in others. Score the stakes and whoever gets the most points at the end of the throws wins. Inside the house you can use upturned stools and on them, the children will have to make the hoops.

5. Coins to the couch
On a padded surface, such as a sofa or bed, place a fabric with polka dots (if you don't have any, you can paint the polka dots yourself). Next, mark a line on the ground and on their knees the participants of this game will have to perform releases of coins. Whoever guesses the best gets them all.

6. Snow globes
Fill in a series of balloons with flour, then inflate them and place them on a wall, which we will have previously covered with a cloth to prevent it from getting dirty later. The only thing left is the launch of darts to explode the balloons. Let the snow return for Carnival!

7. Catch apples
Fill a bucket or a container with water and put apples in it, now it only takes skill to catch them with the mouth and without using the hands.

8. Make a play
A Carnival party is the best time to organize a theatrical performance, and that is because everyone is already dressed up! To carry it out, the first thing you have to do is think about the script of the play. Sit all the children in a circle and analyze which characters will be in the play (always taking into account what the children are wearing). You can give a couple of basic guidelines (for example, that it takes place in the jungle and that there is a bad guy who wants to cut the trees) and from there, all the children will have to improvise!

In addition to the games for children that we have just proposed, there are many more fun activities that you can suggest to your children and their friends at the party you organize. Of course, there is no Carnival party if we do not organize a great costume contest.

Although all costume contests have the same goal (choosing a winning costume), the way we run it may be different. Below we propose different types of contest, so that you can choose the one that best suits the ages and preferences of the children who are going to participate.

- The best costume is the winner
This is the simplest and most classic type of contest of all. If all the children have gone to the party dressed up, you just have to organize a catwalk so that everyone can see the clothes of the rest of the participants in the contest. It is as simple as spreading a rug on the floor and telling the little ones to walk through it. Then you just have to vote for the most beautiful costume, the funniest or the most homemade.

- Make your own costumes!
This costume contest is more fun as children have to create their own costume. You just have to get hold of all kinds of materials (which can be recycled) and offer them to the children: fabrics, eva rubber, markers, scissors, glitter ... They will be in charge of making a costume, which they will then exhibit before the rest. Who will be the winner?

- A face painting ... to be any character!
Just as we can propose to children to make their own homemade costumes, we can also give them face paints (be careful with the type of paint, to avoid skin problems!) So that they can put on makeup. If we want them to paint themselves, we must also give them a mirror so they can look at themselves. Fun is guaranteed!

- Mask Contest ... done!
Just like children make their own costumes, they can make masks to become other characters. For example, you can propose to the contest participants to make a mask of an animal, of their favorite.

- In pairs, with eyes closed
We give the children all the costumes we have at home, we can even give them shirts, jackets or old dresses that we have saved. We have to group the children into pairs and blindfold one of them. The one who can see has to dress the other ... will he succeed?

We can take advantage of our little Carnival party to read stories about this theme with the little guests. Here we propose some titles that, sure, everyone will like. To read them, you can sit the children on the floor and be the storyteller yourself or you can suggest that the children themselves read the story to the rest of the friends.

Princess Henar's costume. This children's story 'Princess Henar has no costume' is ideal to read to children at Carnival. We propose a short Carnival story for your children, which transmits values. A story that talks about the imagination and fantasy of children and the value of the immaterial over material things.

The carnival costume of animals. The Carnival of the Animals is a children's story about the celebration of carnival in the forest. our site offers us the story 'The Animal Carnival Costume', ideal for children to understand the meaning of Carnival. Along with the children's story, reading comprehension activities.

The trunk of the costumes. The story of 'The trunk of costumes', talks about the Carnival. Once upon a time there was a girl who needed a costume for Carnival, in her grandmother's costume chest, she would find the best of all. Find out what this girl has dressed up for in Carnival, reading this story to your children.

The costume shop. The story 'The pet shop' is a story by Azucena Zarzuela where the animals want to dress up and create very funny situations. An entertaining and entertaining story to tell to children at carnival. Children's stories about animals. The costume shop.

And finally, we propose an activity in which fun is guaranteed: preparing recipes! Before getting into the kitchen with the children, you should consider how many children will be cooking and if you will be able to supervise all of them. We cannot forget that the kitchen is a dangerous place, where different types of accidents can take place. Therefore, you should only carry out this activity if the children are old enough and if there will be more adults supervising.

Here are some very delicious recipes that are ideal for a party.

- Rich pestiƱos for Carnival
PestiƱos are one of the most traditional carnival recipes. Preparing them is not very complicated, although you must be careful when frying them so that no child gets hurt. They will be delicious!

- Honey soups
Have you ever tried this delicious snack from Carnival time? It is very simple to prepare and everyone who tries it will want to repeat it. To make it, you just have to cut bread into slices and soak them in a rich mixture of water with honey, almonds, cinnamon and other rich ingredients. Delicious honey soups!

- Pumpkin tortillas
In many countries, it is also typical to eat pumpkin omelettes at carnival. Their flavor is surprising and they can be a perfect treat for breakfast, a snack or dessert.

- Carnival flowers
And if there is a sweet of this beautiful holiday, it is the Carnival flower. To make it, you just have to have a mold of the typical flower shape. With flour, milk, cinnamon, anise and some other ingredient, you can prepare this delicious recipe for the whole family.

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