Saint Alexander's Day, February 26. Names for boys

Saint Alexander's Day, February 26. Names for boys

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Alexander is a name for a boy of Greek origin that means 'the one who protects men'. It is one of the most frequent names and the ones preferred by parents because it is one of those tall names that, despite its use, brings distinction. It also has the endorsement of a long tradition of personalities named Alejandro. Celebrate your name day February 26, which is the day of Saint Alexander.

Due to the meaning of his name, Alejandro has everything it takes to be a leader. Dynamic and energetic, but also intuitive and lucky, Alejandro possesses courage and honesty as his main characteristics. His relatives do not hesitate to put themselves in the hands of Alexander, whom they blindly trust for his commitment and skill. In addition, Alejandro is the soul of his circle of friends because of his sympathy and his talent for seduction.

- Alejandro in different languages
Alejandro is a name that supports numerous variants both in different languages as for the large number of diminutives, such as Ale, Alejo or Jandro, although the most used is undoubtedly Álex. Also well known is its variant in English, Alexander, as well as in French, Alexandre and Alessandro in Italian. Although we especially like one of its forms in Russian, Sasha.

- A name with a lot of history
The name of your son is one of those names that is not only prevalent today, but has enjoyed great popularity since time immemorial. Thus, we find one of the first Alexander in history already in the Trojan War; in the Trojan prince Paris Alexander, who kidnapped Helena giving rise to the conflict. And, without leaving the Greek cultural sphere, it was Alexander the Great to whom we owe the spread and acceptance of this name.

- Famous people named Alejandro
If there are countless historical characters named Alejandro, so are current celebrities. To give an example of success we can cite the American actor Alec Baldwin, the Spanish director Alejandro Amenábar and the singer also Spanish, but internationally recognized, Alejandro Sanz. Although as we say, tracking your child's name in the form of personalities will bring you many surprises.

- Many days to celebrate Saint Alexander
Although February 26 is the excellent day to celebrate Alexander's name day (in honor of Bishop Alexander of Alexandria, born in the middle of the second century), throughout the year there are other dates where this day is also celebrated. Take note of the most important ones:

  • January 15, Alejandro el Acemeta
  • March 18, the martyr and bishop Alexander of Jerusalem
  • May 3, Pope Alexander I
  • August 11, Alexander the coalman, bishop of Comana Pontica
  • November 6, the Bishop of Corsica Alejandro Pauli
  • December 1, the English martyr Alexander Briant

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All names hide behind a number, which is obtained after adding the digit that is assigned to each vowel and each consonant from which they are formed. When adding all of them, the result is a figure that will accompany the boy or girl throughout his life.

In the case of Alexander, the one who will determine his character and personality is number 8. What positive and not so positive aspects can be known through this science that studies the relationship between letters, numbers and divine forces?

- Positive traits
There are so many good things to say about these children! We start with the first. They are very lively children, who will be active all the time, something that can tire parents, so be prepared! This activity will be both physically and mentally. Always looking for intellectual challenges to face! Also, they are very responsible and if they give their word, they will never back down!

- Negative traits
But behind this very good image of them hide some children with very little patience and that, if things do not go the way they do, they throw themselves to the ground (to the despair of their parents) and have a loud tantrum. They have a hard time channeling frustration, but in general all kinds of emotions. As adults, you have a lot of work to do ahead of you, but if you start small there will be no problem!

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What will the first letter of the alphabet have that parents like so much? And is that the names that begin with this vowel, both for boys and girls, are the most requested. Alejandro appears year after year in the top 3 of the most sought after and used, but he is not the only one in good health.

If Alejandro's choice is still pending final approval, here are some options for names with children that begin with the letter A, in case you decide to change in the end!

  • Angel. It means 'messenger' or 'sent from God' and it is a name that can be very special for mothers. What message will this child bring to your family? Very popular in recent years its female version, Angela.
  • Antonio. Also of Greek origin, this Spanish, Italian and Portuguese male name is associated with very brave children, and its meaning is 'the one who protects us'. Antonia, her female version, is less popular.
  • Alvaro. To find its origin we have to travel to the Nordic countries. It was a name that was used a lot in the Middle Ages in the form of Álvar and that evolved to this day as we know him.
  • Andrew. Do you know what the female version of the name is? Andrea! It is related to very intelligent people and, as its meaning says, with very strong children.
  • Adrian. 'He who comes from the sea or who has the sea near' would be the literal translation of this name that in the time of the Roman Empire was popular in the form of Hadrian, but has now been shortened. The female version, Adriana, is also one of the favorites for parents who are expecting a girl.

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