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Kid stories. From smile to smile

Kid stories. From smile to smile

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Values ​​are a sure way to educate children. By combining values ​​with stories, children can learn positive standards of behavior and attitudes for their lives. wanted to share this story From smile to smile, so that children can learn about filial love. We hope you like this children's story!

One morning, Patricia woke up scared by a dream she had had. He dreamed that everyone he knew had their smiles faded.

She was surrounded by very sad people, with long faces, with furrowed brows, with faces full of bitterness, which she did not like at all.

Even his mother, who was very cheerful and always had a joke to share, would only yell and show a bad mood.

In the same way his father and brother; not to mention the teacher, who had the face of a statue, and her classmates, who didn't even laugh at a joke.

This distressed Patricia a lot, since she always thought that smiling was the natural way to communicate to understand her friend, brother and parents.

This he thought because his best moments had been when all the members of the family laughed, and he knew how important that small gesture was to stay together and communicate.

Patricia felt more and more alone and misunderstood, no one was laughing around her and she even stopped smiling and began to cry, fearing that she would never see anyone happy again.

But it got to the point that fright invaded his entire body and he suddenly woke up. She realized she was in her bed, safe, and said, "Good thing it was just a dream."

At that moment his mother came to bed with breakfast and a tremendous smile, giving him a kiss and telling him that the day must start happily.


Story of Maén Puerta (Venezuela)

After spending this magical moment with your children, a facet that parents can also work on is their reading comprehension. Here we show you different activities to make sure that the little one has understood what he has read, or failing that, what he has heard.

- Questions about the story 'From smile to smile'.

1. What did Patricia dream about?

2. What has distressed Patricia in her dream?

3. What happened when Patricia woke up?

4. Did you like this story? Why?

5. What have you learned from this story?

- Make a drawing
Do you have paper and paints on hand? If your little one finds it difficult to express himself orally, perhaps a good idea to find out what he has understood from the text is to ask him to draw a picture.

- Prepare a summary
Those who are already in elementary school, instead of drawing a picture, can bring out their writing vein and write a mini summary about the story.

- Change the ending
And finally, an exercise that will allow you to be even more creative. What if it hadn't been a dream? How would a story change? Try to invent a whole alternative ending.

Children, but also adults, should laugh more. There are so many benefits that this simple gesture has for our health that it should be mandatory to practice it often. Do you want to know the advantages (because there is nothing wrong here) that a smile has on your children?

- Improves mood. Laughing generates serotonin, the hormone of happiness, and the best antidote to ward off sadness from our lives.

- Reduce stress. Laughter is exercise and, therefore, it is an excellent tool to release tension and relax.

- Increase self-esteem. Being calmer and in a better mood, we see life in a different way and that affects our perception of ourselves.

- Helps fight constipation. And is that when we laugh, our entire intestine moves and that favors the movement of feces.

- Power the imagination. With this simple gesture, our brain receives new doses of oxygen that help it think more, thus developing imagination and enhancing creativity.

Did you know that you also learn to be happy? So, just as you sit down with your children to do their homework so that they learn math, language, physics, English or music, why not spend some time during the day teaching them to be happy?

With these private classes that we can offer, children will not only be able to face their day to day with a smile, like the protagonist of the story, but it will also help them to overcome with optimism and integrity the obstacles they may encounter throughout the course. lifetime.

The first thing we have to do is set an example. If they see us happy and cheerful, they will want to imitate us and therefore will maintain a fairly positive attitude. But there are more things that we can do, in a fun and educational way, from home. Take note!

- Tell the story of 'A very contagious laugh'
Laughter is one of the most pleasant experiences and feelings that we can experience, that is why any reason is good to laugh out loud, and much better if it comes from magic. Can you imagine there was laughing gas? In some distant kingdom it already exists ...

- Create the jar of happiness for the whole family
Have you heard of the philosopher Elsa Punset? She devised an infallible game for children to have a positive attitude towards life, a game that will teach them to reflect on good things, to appreciate the small details and to be grateful. Find a jar and put a sticker on the outside that says 'The jar of happiness'. Every day the old and the young will write something good that happened to them and, after about six months, they will all read them. You will discover all the good things that you have experienced and that, sometimes, we do not value!

- Play 'The Smile Making Machine'
It is a very simple game that you can improvise at home at any time because it can be made with recycled materials. You only need a box, cardboard and something to write on. Invite the child to write down all those things that make them smile and put them in their box. So the day you're sad, you can grab one of those papers! You'll see how, quickly, a smile is drawn at home

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