Short dictation to do with children at Christmas. Use of M before B and P

Short dictation to do with children at Christmas. Use of M before B and P

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All teachers know that dictations are a great educational resource for children to learn and review the various spelling rules. However, they are also a tool that we can use at home. To help you with these exercises, we suggest a short video dictation you can do with children at Christmas. On this occasion, we work using M before B and P.

The Christmas dictation that we have proposed in the video is the following. You can also dictate it yourself to your children or students. Just make sure they get all the words in the text (you may have to repeat it on more than one occasion).

Opening the wrapped gift under the fir tree,

I saw it was a top. My brother also had one

to do competitions. Although he cheats

always, I like to play in his company.

For the learning to be complete, it is necessary to correct the dictation from top to bottom. We recommend that you emphasize some of the more complicated words and, at the same time, review the related spelling rules.

- 'Al' must be capitalized as it is the beginning of a sentence.

- 'Open' is a verb, in the infinitive, that is written without H and with B. All sounds with BR are written with B (bra, bre, bri, bro, bru). In the same way, BL sounds are written with B (bla, ble, bli, blo, blu).

- 'Wrapped', like wrapping, is written with V, so you don't have to put M, but N.

- 'Had' comes from the verb to have, so it is written with H and B. In addition, there is an accent on I, since there is a hiatus that carries strength in I.

- 'under the fir' are written in both cases with B.

- 'Vi' goes with V because it comes from the verb to see, which is written with V.

- 'Top' is written with M, because in front of the P you have to place the M. By the way, if your child does not know what a top is, it is the perfect time to ask him. You can even make a homemade spinning top!

- 'Mi' must be capitalized as it is the beginning of a sentence.

- 'Brother' is written with H.

- 'Also' is written with M before B, and with an accent on E because it is an acute word ending in N. This is a widely used word, so the sooner children learn to write it correctly, the better.

- 'Do'. In the same way, the verb to do is very common, so it is best to memorize that it is written with H, just like the verbs conjugated from it (done, doing, did ...).

- 'Competitions' must be written with M in front of P.

- 'He' has an accent so that we can differentiate it from the determinant el (the dog, the car ...).

- 'Trampas' also has M in front of P.

- 'Always', with M in front of P.

- 'Company', also with M in front of P.

The spelling rule that we propose here is simple, so once children have learned it and practiced it a little, it does not usually bring too many problems. However, it does not hurt to quickly review it and see some cases that we cannot forget.

- In front of P, write M,instead of N. There are many words in which this spelling rule applies: empathy, field, early, temple, compote ...

- In the same way, before B is written M, instead of N. As an example we could name: atmosphere, embargo, timbre, cold ...

- However, before the V is always the N. We could put as an example, wrap, convoy, winter, container ...

- Sometimes, therefore, the prefix -in becomes -im to comply with this spelling rule: indelible, impossible ...

For the children to learn the spelling rule of M before B and P well, we suggest the following exercises. Treat them as a fun challenge to make children more eager to learn.

1. The challenge of phrases
In this first activity, the children have to complete the following sentences that we propose to them with a word that has M before P and B.

  • Today is my _____ ! I'm going to be 10 years old.
  • Bogotá is the capital of ________.
  • I was awakened by the sound of the church _______. Toulon, Toulon !!
  • I have already bought Luis's gift, I only have ______ with paper.

2. The derived word researcher
Encourage your child to become a researcher and ask him to find different words derived from the following.

  • Competition
  • Swing
  • Chocolate
  • Hungry

3. Teacher for a day
We are always the adults who do the dictations to the children. But, what would happen if for once we turned the tables and it was the children who dictate to us? The exercise of creating a dictation can also be very interesting, since we will make the children put their minds to work. Make them a requirement that their dictation must contain at least two words with M in front of P and B.

- I'm a writer too!
In addition to a dictation, you can encourage the children to make up a short story, of a few sentences only, that contains the following words with M in front of P and B. You can do it out loud (and write only the words in question) or ask them Have the children write the whole story so that they can practice calligraphy, spelling and grammar.

These are the words that the story should contain: trumpet, always and also.

When we propose spelling games, children learn better and in a more fun way.

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