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Magical Changes in Baby's Week 7 in Mom's Gut

Magical Changes in Baby's Week 7 in Mom's Gut

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When the woman reaches the 7th week of pregnancy (almost two months), she already begins to assimilate what will happen after a few months: she will have her baby in her arms. And, while that moment arrives, joy mixes with doubts about how the baby will be. During the week 7 baby in mommy's gut magical things happen in the child's development. Do you want to know them? You'll be surprised!

The size is, more or less, like a chickpea, 1 to 2 centimeters long and 1 to 2 grams approximately. Babies develop after being born in a very individual way, that is, each baby is different, unique, and the same thing happens inside the uterus: each embryo or fetus has its own growth and development, although of course it is always spoken based on to standards.

This week is very important because organogenesis occurs, that is, the formation of organs starting from its own layers (ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm).

Some parts of the face are beginning to be detailed: a certain color is noticeable in the eyes and, above them, the eyelids are already beginning to appear; and his nose is already prominent, with two tiny holes and the development of the ears begins. On the other hand, you can see the sketches of the arms, the hand plate and its shovel-shaped lower extremities.

Inside your brain, both hemispheres are developing. You can see some cranial nerves and it looks like it has a tail, but in reality, that will be the end of the spine. The skin is very thin, transparent, similar to parchment, which allows you to see the veins quite evident.

Your heart and lungs continue to develop and your heartbeat becomes stronger and more regular. Some vertebrae and bones will form. The embryonic digestive system begins to form with a hole that will correspond to the mouth and the lower part of the intestine. This growth of the fetus follows, according to Professor Juan V. Ramírez, from the University of Valencia, 'a sigmoid or exponential curve, being slow until weeks 15-16, accelerated until 38 and again slowed down until 42'.

In this week the liver is also formed, which will produce red blood cells, until the bone marrow is formed and fulfills this function; the pancreas, which will produce the hormone insulin in the future; and the intestinal appendix. In addition, the blood already begins to circulate through the major vessels this week.

In this week 7 it also happens that the walls of the uterus soften to allow the embryo to implant with force and thus avoid the risk of spontaneous abortions. And another important fact is the formation of the mucous plug, that will allow the cervix to remain closed throughout the pregnancy until the moment of its expulsion and the birth of the baby.

Despite being like a ball, it moves a lot, even his movements are imperceptible by the mother, but in a few weeks when it is larger and rubs the walls of the uterus, you will begin to feel it. A moment of great happiness!

After confirmation of the pregnancy, after laboratory tests and a visit to the gynecologist, you will most likely have mixed feelings. For some of emotion and joy, for others of surprise, concern and even sadness, that will depend on how much you wanted or wanted it, and all this will make your moods very vulnerable.

Every time you will feel more physical changes in your body, that are becoming more visible and noticeable, such as the increase in the plumpness of the breasts (although some women do not experience it. Remember that each woman is different), the increase in the lower abdomen, fatigue, fatigue and the desire to sleep longer.

Also for some women, digestive discomfort will increase or appear from time to time, such as nausea, vomiting or heartburn, as well as dizziness or hypotension (low blood pressure). To cope with all this, I am going to list some recommendations:

- Good and balanced diet, drink enough water, stay calm and stress-free, avoid smoking, alcohol and drugs and, if there is nothing against it, walk, do yoga or do low-impact exercises.

- But also this week I want to warn you that the risks of congenital malformations (from week 4 to 8 is a critical period for the pregnant woman), so when taking medications or exposing yourself to substances that may pose a risk of malformations or miscarriages (tea or herbal infusions), it is better to consult you they are your gynecologist.

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