The true story of Santa Claus

The true story of Santa Claus

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Throughout the world, Santa Claus has multiple and varied names: Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus, Old Easter, Father ice ... What does not vary is the figure of the little pot-bellied old man, with a pink complexion, dressed in a red suit and a long beard. white who has become the most beloved Christmas character. The legend of Santa Claus It makes us aware of its origin and provenance, something that is very curious for all children.

Who is this man to whom thousands of children from all over the world write a letter telling him how they have behaved and asking him for a gift for Christmas night? We tell you the true story of santa claus, for you to tell the children. Ho Ho Ho!

Tell the story that Nicolas of Bari, who would later become Saint Nicholas, was born in the 4th century in Patara, a city in the Lycian district, in what is now Turkey, into a wealthy and wealthy family.

Since childhood, Nicolás stood out for his kindness and generosity with the poorest, always caring for the good of others. While still very young, the boy lost his parents, prey to a plague epidemic, and became the heir to a great fortune. At 19, Nicolás decided to give all his wealth to those most in need and to go to Mira with his uncle to dedicate himself to the priesthood.

There he was appointed bishop and became patron saint of Turkey, Greece and Russia.He was also named Sailors' patron Because, it tells a story that, being some of them in the middle of a terrible storm on the high seas and seeing themselves lost, they began to pray and ask God for the help of the saint, and the waters calmed down.

Saint Nicholas passed away on 6th of December of the year 345. Since that date is very close to Christmas, it was decided that this saint was the perfect figure to distribute gifts and sweets to children on Christmas Day. From the 6th century, temples began to be built in his honor and in 1087 his remains were taken to Bari, in Italy.

Later, in the 12th century, the Catholic tradition of Saint Nicholas grew throughout Europe, and towards the 17th century Dutch emigrants brought the custom to the United States, where homemade cookies or cakes and a glass of milk are usually left for Santa Claus.

By the way, as a curiosity, the name Santa ClausIt was created from the name of the saint in German, Saint Nikolaus.That's where the 'Claus' thing will come out.

The appearance of Saint Nicholas of Bari was very different from what is attributed to him today: he had a complexion thin and he was of great stature. And the fact that they always represent him with a bag and have the reputation of a gift giver is due to the fact that, on a certain occasion, the saint learned that the daughter of one of his neighbors was going to get married and his father had no money for the dowry, so decided to give him a bag of gold coins. Thus, the wedding could be celebrated and, since then, the custom of exchanging gifts at Christmas gained strength.

Although the legend of Santa Claus is ancient and complex, and comes largely from Saint Nicholas, the familiar image of Santa Claus with the sleigh, reindeer and gift bags is an American invention. In 1823, the English writer Clement Moore wrote the poem 'A visit from Saint Nicholas', imagining that Santa Claus soared through the skies in a sleigh carried by at least nine reindeer - Rudolph, Donner, Blitcher, Comet, Cupid, Shining, Dancer, Twinkle and Fox - and not that he distributed his gifts on foot or riding a horse as had been accepted until then.

It is also believed that the Americans were also the ones who gave it its current appearance. In 1931, a well-known soft drink brand commissioned cartoonist Thomas Nast to draw a humanized Santa Claus whose image was closer to people for his Christmas campaign. Thus arose the Santa Claus dressed in red, with a belt and black boots that remains until today in the popular imagination.

This made Santa Claus, in addition to being a beloved Christmas character, almost an advertising brand, a guarantee of success that companies could use to draw children's attention to their products. In fact, as researcher C. Michael Hall explains in his article entitled 'Santa Claus, place branding and competition' published by the research journal Fennia, International Journal of Geography (volume 186: No. 1, 2008), Santa Claus se has become the most powerful brand in the world. It is often used as a claim to promote Christmas tourism to urban areas.

To this day, the story tells that Santa Claus lives at the North Pole accompanied by Mrs. Claus and a group of elves who are in charge of making the toys that children around the world want. When the night of December 24th arrives, Santa Claus loads all his gifts in a sack and travels the world leaving the children's gifts under the Christmas tree.

Given that Santa Claus has become one of the Christmas characters most loved by children, we can take the opportunity to propose different activities that are led by him. Here we propose some very fun that you can carry out as a family: crafts, costumes, makeup ...

- A funny Santa Claus with toilet paper rolls
These types of crafts, in addition to being very fun and beneficial for children, help us convey the importance of recycling. And is that to create a funny cardboard Santa Claus, we only need a roll of toilet paper, cotton, cardboard and plastic eyes. It can be a great decorative item to put under the tree or on the windowsill.

- Sweet Christmas poem to read with children
Christmas is an ideal time to introduce children to the poetic genre. We can take advantage of the illusion that they have for some of the Christmas characters such as Santa Claus, the Magi or the Child Jesus to read and have fun with short poems for children. Encourage your children to memorize and recite these verses for family and friends and, in this way, they will also be practicing memory.

- Hilarious Christmas Carols from Santa Claus
Christmas is not understood without the best soundtrack: Christmas carols. And if you stop to think, surely you realize that there are many Christmas songs in which Santa Claus appears: 'Rudolph, the red-nose reindeer', 'Petit Papa Noël', 'Santa Claus is coming to town' ... Sing and dance!

- Do you want to dress up for Christmas?
If you want to dress as Saint Nicholas, you don't need to buy any costume. With some clothes that you no longer use, you can dress up as the funniest Santa Claus.

- A makeup of Santa Claus
A very fun activity during the holidays can be to put on make-up of Santa Claus, reindeer and elves and, perhaps, put on your own homemade Christmas play. Who will each character be? The theater has many benefits for children, since it allows them to work on skills such as memorization, but it also fosters their self-esteem, makes them less shy and has a lot of fun.

- Do not stop seeing the message of Santa Claus for children
Did you know that Santa Claus has a very important message to give to all the children of the world? Santa Claus has something to ask of the little ones and he has done it in a video that you have to teach your children. You are going to love it!

Santa Claus stars in many of the Christmas stories that children love the most. For this reason, below we propose some titles that you can read as a family.

- A deal with Santa Claus
Julio was very very angry because he had not received all the gifts he wanted for Christmas, so Santa Claus himself had to pay him a visit so that he could explain the reason behind so much anger. Finally, they both reached an agreement: for every friend the boy gave up, he would have one more gift. What would happen then? This curious tale talks about greed and selfishness at Christmas.

- The happiness meter
At Christmas, we have to teach children that the one who has the most is not the happiest. And that is precisely what the Christmas story that we propose here talks about. Dani, the protagonist of the story, will realize that he is not happier by receiving more gifts.

- Magic recipe
Oh no! Children have stopped liking the usual toys, because now they only want video consoles and mobiles. To change this disastrous situation, Santa Claus and his elves will find the magic recipe for Christmas, the one that will restore the illusion and Christmas spirit to the little ones around the world. A beautiful Christmas story to enjoy a great time with your family.

- Their Majesties the Magi
Although Santa Claus does not appear in this story, we could not stop proposing him in this small selection of Christmas stories. And it is that in countries like Spain, children receive Christmas gifts from both Santa Claus and these three wise men from the East. If your children do not know Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar, you have to read this story with them.

Since We wish you a very Merry Christmas.

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