Having twins from different parents or hetero-parental superfertilization

Having twins from different parents or hetero-parental superfertilization

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It looks like a theme out of a movie or a serial, and yet it has nothing to do with fiction. Two twin brothers they can have a different father.

But for this to happen, two requirements have to be given: the mother was with two different men during her fertile days and also ovulated twice. Does it seem strange to you? Well it happens. What's more, it has a scientific name: hetero-parental superfertilization.

If twin pregnancy is already rare, even less hetero-parental superfertilization pregnancy. This is nothing other than the fertilization of two or more eggs in a short period of time and by different men. That is, two or three twin brothers can be born on the same day but have different parents. The mother is the same, of course.

Surely there are many doubts about it. Can it happen on two different days? And on the same day at different times? Can the same happen with the same partner? To all this, yes.

Superfertilization or superfetation can occur with the same partner. That is, if the woman ovulates twice in a day or two or three days apart, fertilization of the two eggs can be achieved, both on the same day and on different days. In the event that sexual intercourse is on different days, a maximum of five days is established.

But for superfertilization to be heteroparental, we must add to the above that the sperm come from different parents. That is, it occurs in cases in which there were sexual relations with different men in a short space of time (hours or between two and five days apart).

Sperm can live inside a woman's body for up to 5 days. The woman's eggs, meanwhile, can be fertile and ready for conception for 48 hours. In this period of time, and as long as the woman has ovulated twice, there is the possibility of superfertilization.

Heterozygous twins (twins) do not share 100% of the DNA, so a mother can have twins of different sex, of different race and of different father at the same time.

There has also been this case of hetero-parental superfertilization in fertility treatments. In these cases, the woman received donated sperm from different men.

However, these cases are rare in humans. It is estimated that they occur in one in every 13,000 pregnancies. Not so in the animal kingdom. Among breeds such as dogs and cats, they are very normal cases.

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