The child's attitude to enuresis

The child's attitude to enuresis

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The sooner enuresis is detected and the problem is accurately diagnosed, the better for the child and his family. The older the child, the more difficult and lasting the treatment will be, although usually it is usually concluded positively.

There is no single treatment for enuresis, as it is a multifactorial disorder. Except for general measures of action, It is not advisable to start any treatment before 6 or 7 years, and in any case, it is necessary to take into account what is the attitude, both of the parents and of the child, towards this disorder.

The child's response varies depending on how old he is. At first, you won't mind peeing on the bed. Then he begins to worry, in part because of his parents' anxiety and worry. Or, on the contrary, it can react in a transgressive way to attract attention or impose its criteria.

When the child is older, it is easier for him to become discouraged when he sees that he does not improve and above all, when he realizes that enuresis conditions his outings and consequently his social life. You will feel discouraged and prevented, at times, from going on a hike, sleeping at a friend's house or inviting him to sleep at his house, going to summer camp, etc. You can become ashamed when you are with other children and fall into low self-esteem. All this can lead the child to develop emotional problems such as anxiety and depression. The child usually asks for the collaboration of his parents and siblings to keep his problem a secret.

If the treatment is effective, that is, it progresses positively, children tend to immediately take an attitude of commitment and satisfaction with the results. An attitude of appreciation to small successes should be fostered.

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