Short stories for kids. There comes the train

Short stories for kids. There comes the train

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Fables and short stories for children can be of great help if we want to help them with their learning at home. If your child is learning vowels, this story recommends you.

There are only five vowels, but there are children who may have trouble learning them. 'There comes the train'is an educational story that will help your child out at school.

- There comes the Train. Shouted the (to), who very gladly wanted to travel.

The letter got on the wagon (and), with hope and very good faith.

The (i), with his suitcase he wanted to leave.

Very proud the (or): - I am part of this family and I will get on the Train with my friends.

The train was about to leave, when the (or) and he told them:

- Friends without me cannot go on that long journey, remember I am the union of the Vowels-.

With all the vowels (a, e, i, o, u) aboard the wagons, the Train began its long journey.

There comes the train it is a story by Manuel Ibarra.

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