Baptize the baby. How to organize a christening

Baptize the baby. How to organize a christening

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The birth of a baby is accompanied by a series of procedures and paperwork that must be carried out to register him in the civil registry. It is about incorporating the newborn as a member of society. In addition, there is another tradition that Catholic families carry out so that the baby becomes a member of the Christian community. It's about baptism. It is a rite that was formerly performed in adulthood, but today it is usually performed during the first months of the baby's life.

There are some requirements that vary according to the place where the baby is baptized that are necessary to follow:

- Go to the church or parish that corresponds to you to speak with the priest and make an appointment. It is convenient to go two months before the christening to be able to sign up and begin the procedures.

- Present the baby's civil registration certificate. It is the baby's birth document.

- It is necessary to be married by the Church so you must have the marriage certificate of the parents

- Attendance at pre-baptismal talks. In most occasions, only the parents have to attend, although sometimes the parish priest also believes it advisable that the godparents be present.

- Choose the godparents. Nowadays it is usually chosen between friends or relatives close to the godparents in an informal way. However, not everyone can be godfather at a christening. There are a series of requirements that must be met: you must be over 16 years of age, have received confirmation, and be neither the father nor the mother of the baby being baptized.

The christening of the baby can be individual, in which the family and relatives of the baptized person will be present, or collective, in which several children receive the baptism, thus becoming a party within the Christian community of the place.

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