Learn English and start as a baby

Learn English and start as a baby

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Nowadays, there are several methods to teach English to children from an early age, but it is very important to know from when languages ​​other than the mother tongue can be introduced in the intellectual development of children.

Ideally, your baby can naturally and effortlessly acquire the structures of the English language and its correct pronunciation just as if they were a native English speaker.

Babies' ability to acquire a second language, other than their mother tongue, gradually develops with age. Thus, we can say that babies:

- To the three months, they have the ability to learn any language, so much so that their babbling is the same in all parts of the world.

- To the four months they can distinguish when spoken to in different languages ​​and understand the meaning of words and phrases.

- To the six months, the babbling already has the accent of his mother tongue.

- To the eight months, the baby can produce sounds of any language to which he has been exposed.

For this reason, the sooner a baby is exposed to other languages, he can learn more than one language at the same time naturally without effort and achieving perfect pronunciation.

Research shows that the neurological connections of the baby's brain grow considerably more if it is systematically exposed to a second language. This exhibition produces and reinforces the neural connections that facilitate their intellectual development, not only for language learning but also for different areas and for a lifetime.

With language learning methods, specially designed for the learning from 0 to 3 years, the baby receives optimal early stimulation that will also facilitate the learning of multiple intellectual activities. Babies participate in learning and play groups from four months to three and a half years in the company of a trusted adult.

Your baby has the ability to learn English naturally and spontaneously from four months. Parents do not have to master the language to be able to teach their children, the important thing is to look for the right tools to promote learning and to be willing and motivated so that the little ones are exposed to the language every day so that good foundations are laid . Children are like sponges because of their enormous capacity to absorb new knowledge and all the information we provide them will be good for their future learning.

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