How to explain to the child that he is hyperactive

How to explain to the child that he is hyperactive

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Should Your Child Know He Is Hyperactive? How do you explain that you have ADHD? These questions are common in parents of children with this disorder. The experts answer is that it is very important for parents to talk to their child about hyperactivity. Avoiding talking about the problem will not help and will contribute to their frustration and bewilderment.

Parents are one of the main sources of support and understanding for hyperactive children, and it is that they face daily difficulties that question their self-esteem. The father and mother is the one who can best help him cope with difficulties to motivate him and praise him for his achievements.

There are a series of simple tips and guidelines that parents can use at home to explain to the child what it is and what is happening to it:

- Face it directly. It is not convenient to go around the subject without getting to the heart of the matter. The terms must be used as they are. Being clear and direct is a good strategy.

- Adapt the language to the child's age. You have to use a vocabulary that the child can understand, so it is necessary to adapt it to their level of knowledge. It may be explained that you have a problem with your body sitting still for a long time, paying attention, or controlling yourself.

- Dosing the information. It is not always necessary to give you all the information at once, as you may not be able to assimilate it well. The topics can be dosed to gradually explain the ADHD disorder and make the child understand it.

- Let the child speak. It is important that he can explain what is happening to him and that he is the one who tells things like: 'I can't be still', 'I forget things' ... Explaining his behavior aloud will help him to know himself better and to better face solutions.

Experts indicate that it is a relief for the child to know that he has ADHD since he understands the reason for his behavior, why he acts in a certain way and helps him to be aware that he can improve.


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