The routines of babies in nursery schools

The routines of babies in nursery schools

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Surely on many occasions, you have heard the importance of children having a series of routines. Since this helps them in their development, in addition to feeling more comfortable and relaxed. As at home, in nursery schools and nurseries babies also have schedules and routines that help them to anticipate events and stimulate their learning.

- For this reason, early childhood education centers and nurseries are based on a series of routines that children will learn and understand very quickly. Not all nurseries are organized in the same way as there is no general rule. They will be the criteria of each of the educators of each class together with the direction and ideology of the center.

- The routines with which we start the course, they will change little by little, as they grow, especially in the type of games and activities to be carried out. Although there are things that will not change, such as nap time, meal time ... These times should be set according to the children in a class.

- It is possible that one year, most of the children, enter at 8 in the morning, and the following year they may enter after 9. Therefore, we must know our class well before definitively marking the schedules. In addition, children are the ones who will mark the changes for us if they need them. Not all classes are the same. Like each child he is totally different from the others.

- Another curious fact that can change the schedule is the city ​​where we are. In large cities, due to distances and jobs, children tend to enter kindergarten earlier than, for example, in smaller cities.

- We can find a large number of different classroom organizations. Let's see a very simple schedule with the hours and activities that are repeated in all classes and in all centers.

This would be a schedule for any day of a nursery or nursery school:

7 am - Sleep.

8 am - Free play or even sleep, depending on the child and age.

9.30 am - It is a very good time to start the assembly.

10 am - Free time. Toilet according to needs.

10.15 am - Activities, individual games.

10.45 am - Free play, toilet as needed.

11.00 am - Activities, group games.

11.45 am - Free play. We take the opportunity to observe the behavior and interaction of children with each other.

12.20 pm - We are going to sit down to eat.

12.30 pm - To eat.

13.00 pm - Toilet.

1:10 pm - Siesta.

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