Videos on emotional intelligence in children

Videos on emotional intelligence in children

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Getting children to learn to identify their basic emotions is a great step that greatly favors their learning. This is called emotional intelligence, and it is as important as any other children's learning.

Children often wonder how they feel. Why are they sad, or angry. Why they are afraid and cannot get rid of it. Feelings can be walls or bridges in learning, depending on how we use them. So. it is essential that children learn to handle them from an early age.

It is not easy to get a two-year-old to understand that the tantrum is just the consequence of a feeling of frustration. Or use your feeling of sadness after failure to grow and feel stronger. It is not easy for adults. Much less for a child. So, offers you a series of tips on emotional intelligence, so that you can help your child understand what he feels at all times.

What is emotional intelligence. What is emotional intelligence? It is an important quality for child development. In this video, parents can learn the bases for educating their children's emotions.

How emotional intelligence affects children. Children with higher emotional intelligence are happier and progress easily in their studies. The learning capacity decreases if there are problems with emotional regulation. It is very important for a good development in school and studies to work these faculties.

Tips for developing emotional intelligence. How to teach to express and channel emotions in a way that strengthens relationships and self-esteem? These tips will help us to improve emotional intelligence in early childhood education.

Emotional intelligence in children from 2 to 6 years old. Emotional intelligence can begin to be educated from childhood with very positive results for the child and his emotional life. With young children it is productive to show the behavior before giving long speeches. Tantrums are also a big problem to solve at these ages.

How to educate emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence can be taught to children from a very young age. Reasoning and controlling feelings is a faculty that must be educated and will allow the child to lead a more fulfilling life. This work will be more effective with a correct emotional education program.

How to help children manage their emotions. Children's emotions. Parents must educate children's emotions from a very young age. Emotional intelligence will allow a healthy development of your personality. Limiting tantrums will allow you to channel your anger and frustration so that you are able to handle them in the future.

Emotional control according to the age of the child. Emotional intelligence is part of the essential education of children. From a very young age they must learn to tolerate frustration, control and know their own emotions. Working on this area of ​​their development will be very important for their training.

Physical and emotional autonomy of children. Autonomy is not only restricted to the physical part, but also to the emotional one. It is essential for the correct development of children because it allows them to do things for themselves. Child psychologist Alicia Banderas explains to us why physical and emotional autonomy are united in children.

What to do in the face of children's tantrums. What to do before the child's tantrums. Why tantrums occur and how to react to them. At what age tantrums usually occur and what can we do to avoid them.

How to treat depression in children. Treatment of childhood depression. Video about childhood depression. Silvia Álava, a child psychologist, clarifies how childhood depression is treated and what guidelines psychologists follow with depressed children.

How to act in the face of children's fears. What are the most common fears of children. Tips for acting on children's fears, depending on the type of fear and how old they are. Silvia Alava, child psychologist, helps us dismantle children's fears.

Keys to overcome fear. Fear is a normal feeling, especially among children. It is often linked to a lack of self-confidence. We explain how you can help your child overcome their fears.

Calm bottle. We explain how to make, step by step, a bottle of calm or magic bottle for children. It is a simple craft and a teaching resource that you can use to help calm your children.

Inside Out. Inside Out is a fun, cute Pixar movie full of positive messages. In this case, the protagonists are the emotions. In an entertaining and simple way, they explain to the children why they are sometimes sad, happy or scared, innate feelings in people.

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Video: How To Teach Emotional Intelligence To Kids (February 2023).