How to tell if my child is an indigo child

How to tell if my child is an indigo child

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'Babies today are born knowing.' It is a phrase that we hear frequently, and it is impressive to see how there are children who, without teaching them, know how to operate a tablet or computer, ask philosophical questions that dismantle us or have really special talents.

Studies indicate that there are babies and children who are able to reach their learning at an earlier and earlier age, whether it is holding the head or grasping objects with the hand. They are babies who have special abilities, they are different from babies of other generations, they are the children of the future, they areindigo babies.

I don't know about you, but I, despite recognizing their faults and defects, I think my children are the smartest, the best, the most handsome and the funny. And it is that parents tend to praise the qualities and achievements of children, perhaps sometimes excessively, and we see talents where there are none. In any case, in addition to all the skills we see in our children Will they be indigo children?

The first person to talk about indigo babies was Nancy Ann Tape in his book Understanding Life Trough Color, in 1982. She explained that human beings have 'auric layers', that is, an aura with certain colors. This aura is an energy field that surrounds each person. However, he discovered that there were a series of children who had an aura color not cataloged until now in other people, it was indigo or indigo, which is what these children are named after.

In addition to having a different aura, they also had a number of characteristics different from the others:

- Children of great creative capacity and have special talents.

- Excessive energy in their day to day and they are very restless.

- Special skills to handle new technologies.

- They talk about spiritual themes: God, the universe, the soul, reincarnation or the cosmos.

- They reject authoritarianism and discipline and prefer to solve issues with argumentation and dialogue.

- Emotionally mature.

- Sensitive children with a great capacity for empathy.

- Children very sensitive to touch, their sense more developed. In fact, your skin often reacts with allergies to synthetic materials.

- Sometimes they show symptoms of attention deficit.

Some authors also add that these children they have a different DNA and they are immune to diseases such as cancer or AIDS. They also explain that they have similar physical features: slim, left-handed or ambidextrous and big eyes.

All this cataloging has no firm scientific basis, but experts tell us that whether your child is indigo or you simply recognize these capabilities in him, you have to raise him with love and respect just like any other child, but also, putting special interest in giving The appropriate explanations if they have done something wrong because they do not accept punishment or excessive authority. Also, it is important to nurture your abilities and talents and stimulate your brain.

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