Saint Cecilio's Day, June 3. Names for boys

Saint Cecilio's Day, June 3. Names for boys

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Cecilio is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means 'the blind man', with great implications of wisdom and intuition. It is a name backed by a long tradition, which will be ideal for your child.

Its feminine variant is Cecilia and both names give off a certain touch of delicacy. Celebrate your name day June 3, which is the day of San Cecilio.

The name Cecilio implies a strong personality full of dynamism, energy and audacity. Cecilio is intelligent and charismatic, capable of using cunning and subtlety at the same time, a characteristic that makes him worthy of the admiration of those around him.

In addition, Cecilio is persistent and tenacious and with a great capacity for work, very capable of acquiring responsibilities and commitments.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, Cecilio endows the boy who carries him with a great strength of character marked by charisma. It is a name used throughout the West and its best known variants are French Cecile and English Cecil.

The name of your son has survived thanks to Christian tradition in the personality of Santo Cecilio, the first bishop of Granda in the time of Emperor Nero, who later became the patron of the city.

From the Roman world we receive news of many other personalities named Cecilio, the Cecilio Metellus family being one of the most illustrious of ancient Rome.

If Cecilio is a well-known name in the Latin sphere, it is no less so in its Anglo-Saxon variant, Cecil, with countless towns that bear this name in the United States. Cecil is also the name of one of the most important British colonizers, Cecil Rhodes, who would give his name to the African country where he settled, Rhodesia.

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