How to learn to multiply by 9 with your hands

How to learn to multiply by 9 with your hands

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How do you give your child the multiplication tables? We know that it is a matter of memorizing, but if you can apply some 'tricks' with the more complicated boards, the better, right?

We offer you a fantastic trick to learn the table of nine. You do not need paper or pen. Just your hands. Learn the trick and teach it to your child.

1. Put your palms facing you. You have ten fingers. Each finger represents a number. The one to the left, the big toe of your left hand, is number 1. The one to your right, the big toe of your right hand, is number 10. If they ask you how much 9x1 is, you have to Lower the first finger, number one, since you are going to multiply by one. You count how many fingers are left. In this case, none. And how many are left to the right? Nine. That is the result.

2. Now we are going to calculate what 9x2 is. Which finger must be lowered? The second! Now the remaining fingers to his left are counted: one. And to the right? Eight. The result, therefore, is 18.

3. This way you can calculate the entire multiplication table. For example ... What would 9x4 be? Finger number four is lowered. Count the fingers left on the left ... and now those on the right. How much do you get? Of course! 36!

4. Another example: 9x7. In this case, the finger that makes the number seven is lowered. Now count the fingers left to your left ... six. And to the right? 3! The result, therefore, is 63. Have you seen how easy?

5. One last example: we calculate what 9x10 is. Finger number ten is the right thumb, right? To the left we have nine numbers. On the right, zero. The result? 90!

If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to consult this tutorial video where it will be very, very clear.

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