Tips for Parents with Sleepwalking Children

Tips for Parents with Sleepwalking Children

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The somnambulism It is a sleep disorder that usually occurs in childhood until puberty for some children, and that consists in that despite being sound asleep, they usually carry out activities such as walking, walking or talking.

These episodes of sleepwalking can occur between the ages of five and twelve, conditioned by school or family stress, sleep disorders in terms of schedules or inheritance from parents.

1. Delicacy and patience: The most important thing when dealing with a child who is active while sleeping is delicacy, not to be brusque or scared when talking or interacting with him. The person who is sleepwalker They are not aware of their actions, so it is easy to control that their movements go back to bed smoothly, although you have to be patient, since many times they can try to refute the arguments in a disjointed way.

2. Speak softly and go back to bedAlthough it has always been believed that it is very dangerous to wake a sleepwalker, it can actually be done as long as it is not done abruptly. A child who is wandering while sleeping in the first phase of sleepWithout knowing that you are actually moving, you can be very frightened if you are awakened by a loud voice or by shaking you awake. It is best to speak softly to the child and lead him back to bed by walking beside him, holding him so that he cannot hit any furniture or obstacle and successfully reach the place where he sleeps.

3. Remove objects to avoid accidentsWhen a child is sleepwalking on a regular basis, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to preventing accidents. A child who appears to be awake because he moves, walks and talks can be hit accidentally with an object that protrudes from the furniture, which could lead to a domestic accident. It is also convenient to remove from sight anything that could be accidentally thrown in the sleepwalking process.

4. Beware of doors and windows: To continue with safety when a child is sleepwalking, the most important thing is to try to avoid episodes that could end in misfortune, such as windows that are open or are easy to open, as well as doors that face the street and are not closed with key. Sleepwalking children have no conception of danger and do not see before their eyes what could lead to an accident, so it is necessary to anticipate events.

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