How does the baby feel when the mother has sex in pregnancy

How does the baby feel when the mother has sex in pregnancy

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What does the baby feel in the womb while the parents have sex? Can it be hurt? Will the baby be at risk? Will he have any kind of perception of what is happening? These questions are asked by most new parents, even though they may seem exaggerated, full of naivety, fear, or lack of information.

Be that as it may, it is normal that in your head the fact that there is someone else with your partner and with you at all times can not stop, 'those' included. On our site we are going to tell you what happens to the baby if his parents have sex.

Sexual desire in pregnancy varies greatly throughout 40 weeks of gestation, however, experts speak of an increase in sexual appetite in pregnant women, although many parents insist on reporting, whether jokingly or not, that sex ended with conception.

Many women choose to suppress this sexual desire for fear of harming the baby during sexual intercourse. However, it is one of the best moments, since sex is no longer focused on conception and hormones will make it easy to improve sexual relations. And, above all, the baby will not suffer any harm since:

- The baby is protected in the womb by a sac filled with amniotic fluid, a fluid that surrounds the baby and acts as a buffer against external pressure, sudden movements, blows or external noises. Therefore, it is not possible for you to receive any blows as a result of your mother having sex.

- When the mother reaches orgasm, the uterus contracts, so the baby may feel some pressure. It is not a painful sensation or annoying, nor does it imply that the contractions that initiate labor could be unleashed.

- It has been proven that the baby's heart rate increases if the mother has sex, although then it decreases normally without this harming the baby.

- The baby usually stays stillIt usually happens that when the mother maintains a physical activity, the baby sleeps or is relaxed, cradled by movement, however, when the mother is more relaxed, the baby is more active.

Sex in pregnancy is only contraindicated when there is a risk of spontaneous abortion or premature delivery, if there is vaginal bleeding, placenta previa or loss of amniotic fluid.

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