Can a child have a split personality?

Can a child have a split personality?

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It is important to mention that when talking about double personality, we are referring multiple personality disorder And this is not a diagnosis that is very common in children. Most clinical studies have involved adults who had very traumatic childhoods and developed this mental disorder.

There are research studies that focus on childhood symptoms, such as dissociation that can develop over time into a serious dual personality or multiple personality disorder in adulthood.

Dissociation is when reality is separated from a loss of consciousness that interrupts memory, identity or sense of self for a temporary time. When it is a more serious form it is like daydreaming and can occur under stress, fear, abuse, anxiety or trauma. There are mild forms and severe forms that need medication and therapy, and in the most severe forms it may even require hospitalization. It usually occurs when traumatic events are experienced in childhood and that is why it is thought that children cannot have double personality, because it is generated in childhood.

But, if it is generated in childhood ... would we not be talking about starting in childhood? So is, and children can also have dual personalities, so parents must be vigilant to be alert to any sign of possible disorder.

A child with multiple personalities will have two or more personalities with different behaviors from one to the other. The dominant personality may not know the personality of the other identities but realizes that time has passed between one moment of consciousness and another (in that 'lost time' it is the other personalities that appear).

If you think that your child may have a split personality, you should take him to a mental health professional so that he can assess his condition. But above all, you must take some aspects into account, such as:

It is not schizophrenia. Although it looks like a psychotic disorder or schizophrenia, but the difference is that dissociation is a split from reality that can be accompanied by a personality change, as if you were in front of another child.

It seems like an excuse for bad behavior. Some children, especially those who develop sociopathic or antisocial traits, are adept at manipulating situations to their advantage. Manipulation can include trying to convince others that they are 'crazy'. But it will be the duty of a professional to know exactly what happens and what type of disorder you suffer from.

If you think that your child may have a double personality, it is necessary that you seek a professional so that they can diagnose what is happening. Ideally, you should contact a professional who is a specialist in these types of disorders.

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