Can children fall in love?

Can children fall in love?

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It will always be very sweet to see how two young children of the opposite sex spend the day playing, hugs and kisses and call each other 'boyfriends'. Adults have certain doubts about love in children and even worry can assail us, Do they really fall in love? Do you feel love? What is happening to them emotionally?

There are those who think that we are the adults themselves who catalog a friendship with affinity between a boy with a girl of love and childhood courtship, when in reality we are talking about normal friendships for a good evolutionary development and that these feelings must be given a name so that they do not confuse terms. But sure? Because personally I believe that children are capable of falling in love or at least of feeling a stronger bond than normal for another equal.

It is true that when they are two years old they like to play as a couple but they do not identify gender since this will occur towards the end of early childhood, with gender identity appearing. When children have a gender identity they prefer to be with their same-sex peers only because share common interests or character and because this way they feel good.

It is from the age of 9 or 10 when children may begin to feel reciprocal feelings in relationships with other equals, that is why at this stage 'best friends' usually appear as well. And I can tell you that children do fall in love, understanding this love as a strong emotional bond with another person usually of the same age.

But regardless of whether it is love or if they are only feeling intensely, whether your child is 6 or 10 years old, if your child falls in love or thinks he is ... you should support him and give him all your understanding and never use phrases like "that's just nonsense" because you could damage the feelings, and above all not worry about this because it is a natural process.

It is also important that you know how to act accordingly so that your child feels understood and respected. For example, if he tells you that he has a girlfriend, do not laugh at him, much less ridicule him, make him see that you will be there to listen to his feelings and advise him.

Show respect for their feelings, for their love, for their privacy, and for their personal space. Also do not tell in the form of fun what it tells you in privacy since I could lose trust in you.

So without a doubt children can fall in love especially from the age of nine and with this you should rejoice and respect their feelings, at the end of the day it is a stage that will pass but it is healthy for them to develop it properly so that they can meet. better emotionally.

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