Children's first loves

Children's first loves

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Since babies are born they need, in addition to the affection, protection, and the arms of their parents, something, an object, a toy, a teddy bear ... that is always with them and that makes them feel safer . They need a ‘partner’, a ‘friend’, a love!

My daughter has had many loves and passions in her life. From a blanket, a teddy bear, to a doll that has been with us for years.

Children's love for their toys is almost a feeling of dependency. I remember perfectly that when my daughter was about 2 years old, she fell in love with ‘Laa-laa’ from Los Teletubbies. His yellow color caught his attention and he loved to suck on the curly antenna that Laa-laa had on his head. Once we went on vacation to the house of our grandparents, who live in another country, and Laa-laa "got lost." Well, well, well ... how much suffering! We've all been looking for her doll everywhere and nothing. And my daughter wouldn't stop crying. In the end, her grandmother went to a toy store and ended up buying her another Laa-laa. And although my daughter realized that it was not the same doll, and for that reason she complained for hours, she accepted it because there was no other choice.

Then his other passion was for Buzz lightyear, one of the characters of Toy story, that of ‘to infinity and beyond ...’. It was love at first sight! A gift that came on a chain restaurant's children's menu. They were inseparable!

When he was one year old, his great love was a doll that we named Jaimito. Their love lasted for years. Jaimito, for years, traveled with us everywhere. Jaimito was like my daughter's little brother. I bathed him, changed his clothes, painted his face for Carnival, uff ... how my daughter loved him! But although their love was long, she ended up leaving him for a teddy bear, mauve. He called this bear Javi. Without her bear, she couldn't sleep, so we almost hired a bodyguard for Javi, in case he got lost.

Apart from toys, my daughter had many loves: a "magic" blanket that soothed her and made her fall asleep right away in the first months of life; Dumbo, the elephant that flew from cartoons, storybooks, her dog ... The truth is these loves that she clung to, endowed her life with a lot of joy and affection, and with love, of course.

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