The 10 most popular names in Argentina

The 10 most popular names in Argentina

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In each country there is a different tradition when it comes to naming babies. In many parts of the world it is very common to give newborns two names, as in the case of Argentina.

Many parents decide to name their children after a relative or even their own, others prefer popular names and some try to find those that are rare, different or very little known. In Spanish-speaking countries, they often coincide in the lists of the most popular names.

If you are looking for a popular name in Argentina, these are the ones that Argentine fathers and mothers use most frequently to put their sons. As you can see, compound names are used very frequently and only a simple one thickens the list of 10 most popular names for boys in Argentina.

1. Michelangelo

2. Juan Carlos

3. Carlos Alberto

4. Jose Luis

5. Juan Manuel

6. Juan Pablo

7. Luis Alberto

8. Nicolas

9. Juan José

10. Juan Ignacio

Argentine parents also mostly choose to give their daughters two names and the name María, one of the most popular in Spanish, is part of most of them.

1. Maria Laura

2. Maria Eugenia

3. Ana Maria

4. Maria Cristina

5. Maria Florence

6. Stella Maris

7. Maria Belén

8. Maria Carmen

9. Maria Alejandra

10. Maria Fernanda

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