The processionary caterpillars. How they affect children

The processionary caterpillars. How they affect children

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We love taking the kids to the field or to play outside in the park. Be in contact with the nature It is beneficial for any child, but you also have to be alert to the dangers that may exist.

We talk about processionary caterpillars, those bugs found in pines, which appear especially in spring and can affect the health of children. The danger of processionary caterpillars for children.

The processionary caterpillars They appear in places where there are pine trees to feed on the leaves of the tree. They are those black and orange caterpillars that nest in pine trees and in the ground. Children find them when they play among the land of the trees and the danger is the orange filaments they possess that possess a toxic substance.

They are not only found in Full nature, in forests or in large pine forests, but due to climate change these animals are already found everywhere, in the mountains, but also in urban areas like parks. It is especially in parks where we must be more careful to protect children from an allergic reaction to processionary caterpillars.

Although they do not pose a serious risk to health, it is necessary to avoid that children touch these processionary caterpillars through the different reactions they can suffer.

- Allergy. In allergic children, the reaction to toxic filaments of processionary caterpillars may require corticosteroids, but it is always advisable to go to the pediatrician.

- Urticaria. Irritant dermatitis is the most common reaction when children's skin comes into contact with these processionary caterpillars. Hives, itching and some swelling in the area is not serious, but it is very annoying. It is relieved by applying a cold water compress on the skin.

- Conjunctivitis. In some cases, contact with processionary caterpillars can cause conjunctivitis, discomfort and itchy eyes, which should be consulted with The pediatric in case the problem worsens.

- Respiratory tract. These caterpillars rarely pose a health risk to children, but if the child has a respiratory inflammation after having been in contact with them, you have to go to the emergency room.

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