Fun Carnival Recipes for Kids

Fun Carnival Recipes for Kids

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Carnival is one of the favorite festivals of children. There is color, costumes, music, entertainment, parties ... and food. Many traditional recipes are prepared for this time of year, such as pancakes or fried milk, which you can prepare for children. Traditions vary by region and country.

In the south of Spain, you usually taste the Carnival omelette, which incorporates a sweet spot into a typical Spanish recipe. In Galicia, pancakes, which are similar to crepes, or Carnival ears, are prepared for children. Some stews are also prepared such as the Galician stew, the empanada or the pig's trotters, perfect for cold seasons. In the north they are known the stew, such as the Asturian pot, and sweets filled with nuts such as casadielles frites. In other areas, savory dishes such as crespillos or Andalusian pestiños are prepared for dessert, ideal to finish off the festivities.

Finally, do not forget the fried flowers, fritters and fried milk, some of the most popular desserts at these parties and that children love for their creamy texture and crunchy topping, a delight for the little ones.

Carnival glasses. How to make original Carnival sweets: glasses with colored muffins. Don't miss this step by step to make a colorful Carnival candy that your children will love.

Carnival ears. Carnival is one of the favorite holidays for children, and to celebrate it you can prepare this recipe for Carnival ears, crunchy Galician sweets.

Carnival crespillos. The crespillos are prepared in Murcia during Carnival, to accompany any meal. Prepare them on time with the children with this recipe.

Galician pancakes. A very simple Carnival recipe for children, Galician pancakes to fill with chocolate, fruit or jam, a delicious traditional Spanish dessert.

Andalusian pestiños. Pestiños are a traditional Andalusian sweet that you can prepare for children during the Christmas, Carnival or Easter holidays. our site invites us to prepare the recipe for this dessert, step by step. Pestiños recipes are ideal for both breakfast or snack.

Fried milk for Carnival. Fried milk recipe step by step. Have fun during the Carnival parties dressing up and eating fried milk. This simple recipe for the traditional sweet is perfect for children and adults.

Fritters. Homemade wind fritters. our site offers you a traditional and homemade recipe of delicious wind fritters for children. Buñuelos de viento are fried dumplings covered in sugar and cinnamon. They are ideal for the family snack and breakfast.

Chiacchiere or frappe. The chiacchiere or frappe is a very typical Italian Carnival sweet in this country, which you can cook for your children during the holidays. Carnival recipes to prepare with children.

Honey soups. We tell you how to prepare honey soups, a very typical Carnival dessert on the Canary Island of La Palma. Here you will find the recipe to make this sweet dish step by step.

Carnival omelette. A recipe for a carnival omelette with pumpkin. The Carnival of Tenerife, Spain, is one of the best known, and they also celebrate it with their gastronomy. our site brings us a recipe to celebrate Carnival with children in a sweeter and healthier way. A healthy and very simple recipe to prepare for dinner or children's lunch.

Casadielles frites. A dessert from Asturias for special occasions is the casadeilles frites, typical of the Carnival party. Here is the recipe to prepare them for children.

Carnival flowers. Fried flowers or carnival roses recipe. our site teaches us how to cook, step by step, Carnival flowers for children, a typical Galician sweet that is eaten during carnivals and Easter.

Savory pancakes with chorizo. At Carnival we can enjoy simple recipes for children, like this version of salty pancakes stuffed with fried chorizo. Fil recipe

Cooked Gallego. The Carnival festivities include many traditional recipes from different regions, such as this Galician stew, a stew recipe for children with many nutrients.

Pig trotters. With recipes as traditional as pork trotters with tomato that our site teaches you to cook, you will surely enjoy the best food for children during the Carnival parties.

Videos of carnival recipes. Video ideas of traditional Carnival dessert recipes to prepare with children. Typical desserts to celebrate Carnival parties with your children, step by step.

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