Animal makeup for children's carnival

Animal makeup for children's carnival

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Children's makeup for parties such as carnival is increasingly an alternative or a complement to the most demanded and undoubtedly artistic costume. A great option for carnival is the animal makeup They can easily be complemented with cardboard or paper ears, wire tails or gloves with nails.

Animal costumes are preferred among younger children and parents love to see our little ones with a wool coat or hat topped by bear ears. Our children have a wide range of animals: some fierce, others domestic and other sweet puppies.

The fierce animal makeup is preferred by children, since it makes them the most feared beings by their friends at the carnival party. Tiger, lion, leopard, panther ... there are several animals that children love when choosing their costume, so we encourage you to learn how to do these fun fantasy makeup.

Parents love to see their children dressed up as pets at the Carnival party. One of the favorites is the dog one, so we encourage you to learn how to do it with this dog makeup video.

If we talk about makeup for pets we cannot forget another classic, that of a cat. This costume is usually the preferred one for girls, since they love how affectionate and sweet these animals are.

On the last birthday my seven year old little girl came with her fierce tiger make-up, I asked her why she always chose to paint the face of wild animals (tigers, snakes, spiders, etc ...) instead of asking for a lovely princess make-up of a more delicate story and with less paint to erase at night, and she answered me: 'It's that the princess ones are not funny.' When it is painted as a wild or dangerous animal your imagination flies and he becomes the 'threat' of his party companions, a dangerous creature that seeks 'the victim' among his friends.

Carnival makeup offers the advantage that with little material: a few paintings, we can exercise our creativity and characterize ourselves as animals or beasts: tigers, dogs, rabbits, cats, bears, insects, butterflies, etc. Some can be found in the form of pencils that are very easy to apply and others must be applied using brushes. You must use antiallergic and non-toxic materials that are especially indicated for the delicate skin of children. For children who sweat a lot or get nervous, it is preferable not to apply foundation makeup. By last to remove make-up use warm water and never put them to bed with their face painted so that the skin can perspire and they do not stain the bed.

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