The danger of carrying the child with the coat on in the car seat

The danger of carrying the child with the coat on in the car seat

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It's winter. It's cold. You decide to go on a trip and sit your child in the seat. The seat is perfect. Approved, the right size. They have no doubts about the safety of your child. You just have to fasten the belt well and that's it. But ... did you take off his coat?

Many people sit their children in their car seats with their coat on, not realizing that this simple gesture can endanger the child's life. We explain why.

It may not seem so much to us. If the child is cold, why not sit him in his chair with his coat on? However, this decision can be very dangerous for him. The coat exerts a 'fictional barrier' between the child and the seat belt. We tighten the harness, but we actually tighten it over the fluffy coat, not over her body. In reality, the coat is much thinner than it appears. In the end, it is like an air chamber that 'deflates' upon impact. The result: the little one's harness is loose. There is enough space for the child to be thrown from the vehicle.

The tests carried out in simulation of an accident with dolls that show children sitting with their coat on, are chilling. In slow motion, the effect can be observed with total clarity only 50 kilometers per hour. The doll is thrown from the car.

It's pretty obvious, right? Maybe we never stop to think about it but it is enough if it happens once so that there is no going back. Carrying our son sitting in his car seat with his coat on increases the possibility of him being thrown out of the car by up to 80% in the event of sudden braking.

How do you know if the belt is tight? Experts recommend this test: if you can slip two or more fingers under the belt at shoulder height, your child is not sure.

Evidently. all of this is in line with the thickness of the coat. The fluffier it is, the more dangerous for the child. But when in doubt ... The best thing, if the child is cold, as we have seen, is to throw the coat over him. Or a blanket. Much better this than tempting luck, don't you think?

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