Good resolutions to be better parents

Good resolutions to be better parents

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Every year at this time we strive to set goals to meet to improve in different aspects of life. At the family level, being a better father or mother to our children is the primary goal of many of us. Finding more time to spend with the children, dedicating it to their games, teaching them something in particular, enhancing their skills and stimulating their creativity are some of the generous goals that we aim to achieve.

However, it is not always easy and, above all, we do not always know how to do it. We must push, without being noticed, to insist on the point where we want to emphasize, only at the right moment, since otherwise it can be counterproductive. Being aware of these small details will open the door to the emotional interior of our children, they will feel more receptive towards us and towards our goals. With these tips we can improve as parents or, at least, we will have the path paved.

This year I wish I could say to myself: you are doing great! I have known how to listen to my children and I see them happy. They deserve it, they deserve our effort and dedication because their education is in our hands. For me the important thing is really value what is important to my children, take it into account and work on it daily. And this last part is the most difficult, day-to-day, since routine, fatigue and setbacks that we generally do not have, take us away from the path of love, work and dedication that we have proposed.

For this reason, it is important to look inside their hearts every day, since the deep knowledge of the character and personality of our children, in constant evolution, will help us to know exactly what they need, how we can help them help and what are they demanding of us. Thus, while some children need independence, others prefer to feel wrapped in warmth and affection and, when they lack attention, due to their parents' lack of time, they become emotionally destabilized and this affects their attitude at school and their behavior at home. and in their social relationships.

Highlighting your own progress, even if it is not up to what we as parents would like, is not only a good idea, it is necessary. We, the parents, need to be patient and give time, since the important thing is to see the progress step by step, without ever losing sight of the successes, however small they may seem, since they are a key piece to maintain interest.

Marisol New

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