Saint Maximus day, January 8. Names for boys

Saint Maximus day, January 8. Names for boys

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Maximum It is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means'the biggest', a name that recalls all the greatness of the Roman Empire and will give your child an air of nobility like no other. It is not one of the most frequent names but it is not outdated either given the popularity of its diminutive Max. Celebrate your name day on January the 8th, which is the day of Saint Maximus.

Due to the meaning of the name, Máximo evokes greatness, dignity, elegance and distinction. Máximo is very successful in his social relationships, and his strength of character leads him to succeed at work and in his personal life. Loved, loved and admired for his qualities, Máximo feels confident as he sets himself up as a guide and support for all those around him.

Máximo is a name that is used in the cultural sphere of the West, especially in its form Max and it is one of the most used names in Italy, Massimo. Its variant in Catalan is Maxim.

Máximo has also given name to illustrious celebrities cultural, such as the Russian writer who was the forerunner of the Soviet revolutionary movement, who used the name of Maksim Gorki as a pseudonym for his novels, or the German philosopher Max Weber. Although if we are looking for a more current and attractive reference for your child's name, we cannot forget the Massimo Dutti clothing brand.

But if there is something that suggests the name of your son Máximo, it is the Roman empire in all its splendor, with several emperors who bore this name and with the best-known protagonist of the movie Gladiator, where an imposing Russell Crowe gave life to a general named Máximo turned into an admired gladiator, capable of facing the emperor himself.

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