Tips to keep baby's skin hydrated

Tips to keep baby's skin hydrated

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Temperature changes, external agents, growth itself ... there are many factors that can cause a baby have skin dry, so it is advisable to know how to hydrate it so that it does not suffer discomfort.

Although the moisturizer It is a great option, there are other types of tips that are also recommended so that our baby has a dermis in perfect condition and does not dry out or crack.

1. Avoid harsh soaps: Soaps that can damage the pH of the skin can be harmful to the baby's skin, so you always have to be careful when choosing which gels we use for baby baths. newborn or the baby that is a few months old. Experts Recommend neutral soaps that are not perfumed or create too much lather.

2. Avoid very hot baths: That the temperature of the bathwater being too high in winter can negatively contribute to our child's hydration. For the skin to be in perfect condition, it is advisable to regulate the bath water so that it is at a warm setting and the dermis does not crack or dehydrate.

3. Beware of sun exposure: Stay a long time under the sun it is bad for the skin because of ultraviolet radiation, but also because the skin is no longer hydrated and can easily dry out and even crack. Therefore, it is recommended that babies are covered with hats so that the sun's rays do not access their delicate skin, which in addition to dehydrating it could burn it.

4. Sun cream from six months: Before mid-year it is not advisable to apply sunscreen to the little ones, so until then it is better to cover the child so that it is not exposed to sunlight continuously. The reason is that solar radiation can cause excess drying and cracking of a child's skin. For this reason, once he is six months old, we can give him a few small touches of protective cream so that the dermis Do not burn yourself nor dry out.

5. Humid climate: In winter, the skin of babies can become excessively dry due to the heat of the houses due to the heating in winter. If we want our baby's skin not to dry out due to the high temperatures in the home in contrast to the cold in the street, it is best to have humidifiers inside the house. In this way, the environment will be fresh and the child's skin will not be irritated or dry.

6. Vegetable oils: An agent that helps the baby's skin to be hydrated at all times is the use of vegetable oils after bath. Once they have come out of the water with mild soaps, we can give them a comfortable massage with calendula or sesame oils, which soothe the skin and are healing and regenerating for the skin.

7. Cotton clothes: Babies' skin is so delicate that even for clothes we have to be very careful with their fabrics. Wearing non-cotton garments can cause allergies and make the skin very dry. Considering that the dermis of babies is much thinner than that of adults, a poor quality fabric could cause the skin to dehydrate, so cotton will keep it in the best condition.

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