The difficult return to the routine of children after the Christmas holidays

The difficult return to the routine of children after the Christmas holidays

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Racing cars, scooters, dolls, video game consoles ... After the Christmas holidays, one of the favorite dates for the little ones, returning to the routine is uphill. There are many new toys and little time available to enjoy them before returning to the routine.

Children, as is normal at these ages, will want to play with their gifts all the time. That is why it is important to rationalize their leisure time and help them to adapt to the schedules again.

In these first days it is convenient to establish homework as a priority over fun. It is not a question of prohibiting play time, but of recovering the daily rhythm without harming their performance. On vacation we tend to stay up late, so our children's schedules get out of control. The best thing to do is for the little ones to go to bed before ten o'clock at night, without worrying about the difficulty in falling asleep: it is a temporary disorder.

It will also be beneficial for them to reduce the hours of television and electronic devices, such as computers and game consoles. Our children have become accustomed to living with them for a long time on rest days, but the ideal is to dedicate a maximum of one hour a day, and trying to always complement the entertainment with the training. Another of the key points to favor adaptation to 'school' is food.

The passage of a more sedentary period to the hectic pace of the student day and extracurricular activities will cause a 'plus' of fatigue that can be fought with a balanced diet, avoiding industrial pastries and encouraging our children to eat healthy foods, such as Fruit. In addition, you have to get them used to having breakfast correctly, getting them up early in the morning: it is essential to attend classes with charged batteries. Reviewing homework is the best way to deal with returning to the classroom successfully. If your child is one of those who has left all their homework for the last few days of vacation, it is best to teach him to plan better so that this does not happen again.

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