What illusions do you nurture in your child?

What illusions do you nurture in your child?

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I am fortunate to have two children with whom to renew dreams every day. Children with their strength, with their desire and with their admiration for everything everyday teach us that each day can be different and special. You just have to let go and want to be a child again.

With them I can move to tears watching a movie, feel the fairies when we walk through nature, wait with butterflies in my stomach for the arrival of the gifts from Santa Claus and the surprises of the Three Wise Men from the East, wait until I fall exhausted through the dream the arrival of the Tooth Fairy and vibrate with the mysterious hiding places of the Easter bunny.

Thanks to children, adults can relive our childhood, which is surely for all of us one of the happiest stages of our life. Feed the illusion in our children and make them feel loved each day will give them security and help them to know how to use the necessary tools to become positive adults with good self-esteem. Feeding illusion in children does not mean making up reality for them, going overboard when telling fables or transporting them to a fantastic world from where, later, they can collide with reality.

Feeding the illusion in children is giving them time to grow, without forcing them to abandon childhood before their time. Feeding the illusion in children is to put in their hands all the means at our disposal such as reading stories before going to bed, going to the theater, watching movies adapted to their age, our time to play with them, our participation with ideas in crafts and workshops that motivate their creativity and imagination and help them make the most of that limitless illusion that any child can experience in their childhood.

Celebrations such as Easter, Christmas, Carnival, birthday party, as well as many others, are unique moments to capture the attention and interest of children towards the mystery that fuels their imagination and encourages them to fly with their imagination. Any reason is good to grow the illusion in a young child. We must not anticipate or force the moment of loss of this illusion, which is helping him to grow into a happier childhood and to develop your imagination.

Marisol New. Editor of our site

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