Why it is good for children to read to animals

Why it is good for children to read to animals

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Have you ever 'caught' your son reading a story to your pet? If you don't have a pet ... his dolls? Well, you cannot imagine the amount of benefits it has. Even if it seems like a game to him or her, read an animal unknowingly strengthens his self-esteem, while practicing reading and reading comprehension. And I'm not saying it. Scientists say so.

According to a recent scientific study, children who read aloud to their pets gain confidence. In addition, it helps children to manage their emotions. The studio is actually a show called 'The book buddies'. It is about letting children from 6 to 13 years old read to stray cats in a shelter in Philadelphia (USA).

The idea came from the coordinator of the shelter. He had a son with self-esteem problems. Therefore, he could not read aloud. Kristi, who is the name of the mother of the pioneer of this therapy, took her son to her workplace and told him to read aloud to the cats. The little boy was gaining in confidence, and lost his fear. The cats listened to him, yes, and the boy strengthened his self-esteem.

Tufts University became interested in this case and began to study the scientific part of it all. Concluded that pets bring safety to children, who consider animals as a source of support. This makes them learn better, faster and with much more enthusiasm. They found that children who read aloud to animals:

- They gain self-confidence.

- They improve reading comprehension.

- They improve reading agility.

- They dramatize and emphasize.

- They improve writing and reduce spelling mistakes.

- They learn to manage their emotions.

Unlike reading aloud in a school class, children, when reading aloud to animals, do not feel judged. Because for a shy child, reading in front of all their peers is an often painful and traumatic ordeal.

The advice, therefore, is clear: if you have a pet, tell your child to read stories to him. You will see the results!

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