When does the first period come in girls

When does the first period come in girls

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The arrival of menstruation is a key moment in the life of all women, since it marks the beginning of the childbearing age. Although it extends in a hairpin that borders on childhood in some cases - between nine and thirteen - and reaches adolescence, the rule appearance depends on genetics and before it arrives, the changes in the female body begin to be evident, as is the development of breasts even in a slight way.

Puberty is that process of change in which girls, between the ages of nine and thirteen, will welcome changes in their bodies that will cause them to leave childhood - at least physically - to start a new life. transition to body of adult women.

This begins with breast development, that is, when the breasts begin to grow slightly, which occurs a couple of years before the arrival of the rule, so it is recommended that girls know what the menstruation so that they are not caught off guard and are not afraid of development, but are prepared for its arrival. The rule can come from the age of nine, although it is usually established between eleven and thirteen, and may depend on the genetics of the family.

Just before the first period (called menarche) comes, girls may notice a change in their vaginal discharge, as it tends to be heavier and become completely transparent. This is nothing more than a warning before the imminent arrival of menstruation. Once this happens, girls will enter their childbearing years, so in each 28-day menstrual cycle, an egg will be released from the ovaries, leading to a period.

In addition to the cbreast enlargement, which increase both the breasts and the areola of the nipples, girls also suffer other physical changes in their body with the arrival of menstruation, such as appearance of pubic hair or hair in the armpits, as well as a very evident growth of the height that will stop shortly after the arrival of the rule, increasing several centimeters suddenly.

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