Saint Genoveva's Day, January 3. Names for girl

Saint Genoveva's Day, January 3. Names for girl

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Genoveva is a name for a girl whose origin and meaning is very mysterious. Of Celtic or Gallic origin, there seems to be more agreement on what it means to be 'white as the foam of the sea'. It is an ideal name for your girl due to the large number of legends that revolve around the name Genoveva.

He celebrates his name day on January 3, which is the day of Saint Genevieve, the patron saint of Paris.

Genoveva has a personality overwhelming and mysterious, which exerts a great influence around it. A name for a person who leaves a mark among his acquaintances, endowed with charm and seduction. Although it is not one of the most frequent names, Genoveva is related to sensitivity, elegance and sophistication, as is well reflected in one of the women who bear this name, Genoveva Casanova, who was part, in her day, of the Alba's house.

Genoveva is a name that is always surrounded by mystery, encouraged by the many legends whose protagonists bear this name in its many versions. Because Genoveva is also Geneveve in French, Guinevere in English, Geneva and its diminutives Veva and Beba. The most modern way of Geneva We find her in Jennifer, although in this way she loses a certain charm.

The Genoveva of the Arthurian legend, whom some call Guinevere and others Geneva, is perhaps the most representative of the women who bore your daughter's name. A woman loved by two of the greatest men, King Arthur and Lancelot, whose love triangle has been the subject not only of great novels, but of historical interpretations in psychological key.

Another protagonist of a medieval legend was Genevieve of Brabant, accused of infidelity and locked up for six years in a cave with her son, where they survived thanks to being fed by a deer. A Genoveva who would inspire the opera of the same name by Robert Shumann, as well as novels and poems well known in the Netherlands.

And we cannot forget the woman for whom your daughter celebrates her saint on January 3, Saint Genoveva, famous not only for miraculously recovering from paralysis, but for organizing the resistance of Paris against the invasion of Attila. Although if she was named patron saint of Paris, it was for freeing the Seine city of a flood and several epidemics.

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