Why do girls keep getting married?

Why do girls keep getting married?

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If there is something that really outrages and revolts me, that I repudiate and that often fills my eyes with tears, it is the issue of child abuse. They know what they do, who they do it with, and to top it all, many see it as normal, a religious and cultural tradition, they say.

I just read a post by Mariola Cubells, editor-in-chief of a newspaper, and I reproduce it because I believe that, as parents, we must open our eyes, and not only that, but also form consciences with which to help us better educate our children , orient them and warn them about their rights not to accept and not to "lower their heads" to everything that they feel is against them, physically and morally speaking. The education we give our children will be their thermometer for many, many years.

My friends at Unicef ​​have told me this story. The girl was called Elham, she was 12 years old and she was from Yemen. She married, she was married - one in three girls born in that country is married before reaching the age of 18 - to a man who was already 30.

Three days after the wedding, she died of internal bleeding caused by sexual intercourse within the marriage. Elham, like all prematurely married girls, had dropped out of school and been exposed, like the rest of her compatriots, to violence, abuse, and exploitation. Or to lose his life due to pregnancy, childbirth, or a damn relationship? sexual.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights says that marriage must be free and with full consent. And there is no doubt that a 12-year-old girl, in Yemen or Santander, cannot decide anything or consent to anything minimally important. What can be done then?

According to Unicef, the laws should establish a minimum age for marriage. And that's when you think, but is it that the law didn't already limit something like this? Are we not in the 21st century? Well, it seems not. So that may be a first step, something to hold on to, something to start swimming against the current of tradition, poverty, illiteracy, the total inequality between men and women that exists in so many parts of the world . Something to stop so much human misery.

Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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