Christmas recipes for children from different countries

Christmas recipes for children from different countries

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The Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve dinners, and the Christmas meal, are several of the most special moments of Easter, so in Guí we gather the best international recipes for children and adults.

Spanish, Mexican, Peruvian, Colombian or Chilean recipes are some of those that we have compiled for all those who want to surprise your loved ones. There are more elaborate dishes and others of a quick preparation, but all are healthy and they can be perfectly consumed by children.

Within the selection proposed by our site there are recipes for starters, first courses, second courses and desserts. All explained step by step so that its preparation is as simple as possible.

Italian panettone. our site brings you the recipe for Panettone or Easter Bread, a popular Christmas sweet around the world. This recipe for allergic children maintains all the flavor of the panettone without adding gluten or sugar.

Spanish bream. Homemade recipe for baked sea bream with potatoes. Simple recipes for children. How to cook a sea bream in the oven easily and quickly step by step. Fish recipes for Christmas or family parties.

American stuffed turkey. Learn how to make a delicious stuffed turkey for your family's Sunday lunch. Stuffed turkey recipe. our site teaches you how to prepare a traditional baked stuffed turkey. A very special recipe for Thanksgiving, Christmas or any family dinner with children.

Chilean Celery Salad. To accompany the meat in the Christmas meal, our site brings you the recipe for celery and avocado salad, a traditional Chilean dish that is quite healthy for children.

English cheese and tarragon soufflé. For those who are looking for starters for the Christmas menu that children like, our site brings you the English recipe for the cheese and tarragon souffle.

Argentine coconut nougat. For all those with a sweet tooth looking for a traditional Argentine dessert for this Christmas, our site brings the recipe for coconut nougat. We guarantee that children will enjoy it.

Peruvian rice to the gardener. Rice is one of the main ingredients in traditional Peruvian dishes, so on our site we bring you the recipe for arroz a la jardinera for you to make at Christmas.

Colombian pork leg. our site brings you the pork leg, a traditional recipe for Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas food, from Colombia, that children will love.

Mexican punch. If you are looking for a warm drink to complete your Christmas menu, from our site we propose the punch, a Mexican recipe that parents and children will enjoy.

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