Curl your hair. Bad habits of children

Curl your hair. Bad habits of children

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It is usually a habit almost exclusively for girls, as well as for many adult women, because most wear their hair longer than boys. Playing with a lock of hair when they feel embarrassed or shy gives them peace of mind and security, and helps them release tension.

The fact of touching, playing and curling the hair with the fingers does not indicate that the child has acquired a bad and harmful habit. Having this behavior does not mean that your child has problems with insecurity or boredom. The problemYes, it will exist if your child begins to remove hair and even whole locks from his head. In this case, your son would be attacking himself, which would indicate that he is having problems and that he needs the help of a psychologist.

If the parents are nervous and intolerant of their child's hair curling, they are not helping the child. The most advisable thing is to avoid giving importance to the subject. They must consider that it is a passing habit or custom and that in time it will pass. They should only intervene if, as we have said before, the child begins to remove hair, bite it or even eat it.

Playing with a lock of hair is a very common gesture, especially in girls. When this habit is noticed to be very persistent, parents can advise their daughter to wear her hair in a ponytail or shorter.

But otherwise there is nothing to worry about. There are habits that can do a lot of harm to children such as picking their noses, sucking their fingers or biting their nails.

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