Nose picking. Common hobbies of children

Nose picking. Common hobbies of children

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As we all know, this bad habit is not usually a habit exclusively for children. They share it with many adults. The nose picking mania it may appear from the imitation of the child to his parents and / or others. It is a habit that can persist into maturity.

What happens is that before 4 or 5 years of age, children still do not know that picking the nose belongs to one of the things that are not done in public.

That you should clean your nose when you wash your face in the morning and not keep your finger on your nose all day. Also, they also don't know more common cause of a nosebleed in children it is usually local trauma from picking the nose.

But, of all that, adults know. And it must be taken into account when seeing that the child is picking his nose in a persistent and exaggerated way.

Both in summer and winter, the mucous membranes of the nose become very dry and it is normal for the child to feel the need to get rid of hard snot. The child may also become bothered by nose bites from an allergy. And that, for all this, do not think twice about inserting your finger in your nose for relief. In this case, it is understood. But it is important to educate your child so that he does not hurt himself.

- We must teach how to wash your nostrils in the morning.

- Teach to blow your nose

- Show him other grooming alternatives: such as handkerchiefs that can even be cartoon characters to encourage them.

- You can also place him in front of the mirror to see the effect that this hobby has.

- And above all, be an example

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