The footprints of Santa Claus in children

The footprints of Santa Claus in children

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The feelings that Christmas leaves in the hearts of children are so wonderful that they last over time and can be transmitted from generation to generation. We are many parents who, on these special dates, strive to sow that illusion in our children, feeding it with imagination and fantasy.

It is the moment to exchange ideas to make Christmas Eve, a special night, and Christmas Day, a magical moment full of surprises.

In some homes, Santa Claus manages to lose weight a little to sneak through the chimney hole, in others he climbs to the window, and in many others he simply walks through the door or appears suddenly in the living room. And it is that Santa Claus, come as he comes, always reaches every home where there is a child to leave his gift.

Proof that Santa Claus has really been there are the footprints that this tender old man leaves in our house. Some friends told me that Santa's footprints can be seen every year on the floor of his living room surrounded by flour. The children do not get out of their amazement and find that the size of Santa's foot is big, huge compared to their own and even a little scary.

In other homes, the bells of Santa's sleigh can be heard in the distance, which means that it is already approaching and it is time for bed. Of course, not without first checking that we have left our socks full of sweets, candies and jelly beans for Santa Claus to sweeten his exhausting night of gift-giving.

However, the most common thing is to check the good appetite that this dear old man from the North Pole has, since after spending all Christmas Eve handing out gifts around the houses, it is normal that he is hungry and somewhat thirsty. For this reason, the children cannot believe, the next morning, that Santa Claus did not leave even the crumbs of the nougat and marzipan that they left him the night before and that there is no liquor left in the glass they prepared for him.

Seeing the face of surprise and illusion in a child before the mystery of Santa Claus is the greatest gift that parents can enjoy on Christmas Day. And you, do you prepare a perfect plan to excite your children with the arrival of Santa Claus? Let us know.

Marisol New. Editor of our site

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