10 films that transmit values ​​to children

10 films that transmit values ​​to children

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Popular children's films to educate in values


This tender underwater film talks about the importance of responsibility, knowing how to reconsider and learn from mistakes. It is also a beautiful story of solidarity, love and the need to let children learn from their mistakes

Pocahontas is an indigenous princess who lives in the jungle. He has a strong character and fights for what he wants. With this film, children can learn positive values ​​such as non-discrimination based on race or sex, equality and tolerance. Love of nature, friendship, love and justice are also very important.

A film that talks about traditional family values. Bambi is left orphaned by a mother and his friends help them navigate the forest. A story that speaks of values ​​such as friendship, solidarity, cooperation and kindness.

A fun film that talks about the problems of living together as a family and knowing how to recognize the achievements of children. It gives us a lesson in kindness, compassion, loyalty, tolerance, and friendship. It is a perfect movie to learn that the family can overcome all difficulties.

Charlie's family is very poor, but one day he gets a golden ticket that allows him to visit Willy Wonka's famous chocolate factory with four other children. During your visit you will learn the importance of being humble and the power of creativity. In addition, Charlie will discover how important it is to have his parents and grandparents.

A group of grasshoppers assault the colony of ants every summer with the purpose of stealing their food, until one of them decides to go on a journey to find a solution. A film that speaks of values ​​such as friendship, cooperation and collaboration, justice and strength.

This film basically talks about the value of friendship. When Spirit, a young horse, meets a man for the first time, he refuses to be tamed by him. Over time, they become great friends and learn a valuable lesson.

Matilda is a very special girl. Unlike the rest of his family, he loves books, and thanks to this he discovers that he has very special powers. In this film on the importance of imagination and the promotion of reading we also find other important lessons such as friendship, the value of teachers, justice and kindness.

Humans have collapsed the planet filling it with garbage and fled in their spaceships. The only remaining inhabitant is Wall · E, a dreamy little cleaning robot. This movie demonstrates the dangers of letting technology rule our lives, as well as the need to take care of the planet. Solidarity, friendship, love and courage are also present on Wall · E.

Ariel is a mermaid who disobeys her family in order to fulfill her dreams. With this movie children can learn values ​​such as obedience, loyalty and friendship. For parents, it is a good lesson on how to raise rebellious children.

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