The fire of the robin. Irish Christmas Legend

The fire of the robin. Irish Christmas Legend

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Do you know why a robin appears on many Christmas cards? It is one of the symbols of Christmas, but very few know its legend.

This is the story of the bird that did everything possible to keep the baby Jesus from being cold on his first night of life. A story based on an Irish legend. Do you want to meet her?

Jesus had just been born, and it was night. It was cold, very cold. And since the manger had no door, from time to time icy gusts of wind would come in, chilling the little one who slept in his crib.

The Virgin Mary was at his side. San José had gone out in search of some food. Next to Maria and the little one, there was a small fire, but there was hardly any fire left and it was about to go out. Then he asked the ox to help him fan the flames, but the animal was so asleep, that he did not know.

He asked the mule to help him, but she was so tired that she barely had the strength to do it.

Then he asked the rooster to help him. But the rooster, crowing with all his might, heard nothing.

The Virgin, very sad, feared for her little one. But then, he heard the chirping of a bird. The sound was coming from a small nest in the corner of the manger. A little bird came out of the nest and flew to where the fire was. It began to flap so hard that the fire began to flare. But it was not enough, so the little bird flew to its nest and began to carry the twigs to the fire. He dismantled the entire nest so that he could further fan the small fire. The flames were now so strong that the bird burned its chest. But despite the pain, he continued to flap his wings so that the baby Jesus could sleep warm.

Seeing that the little bird had burned its chest and dismantled its nest, the Virgin Mary blessed it and gave it a new name: Robin, which means 'red breast'.

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