Videos with baby massages

Videos with baby massages

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Massage is a therapeutic form of physical stimulation that is increasingly being used to relax and calm the baby, promote the resistance of his body and relieve colic in the first months of life. In addition, due to its therapeutic effect, massages end up being one of the most anticipated moments for babies.

The massage causes a feeling of well-being in babies. It is not only about skin-to-skin contact with your mother or father, but also about perceiving sensations through vision, smell and hearing. If massage is part of a baby's daily routine, the little one will know that after the bath and before they put their clothes on, they will provide this long-awaited moment.

In the minutes that the massage takes, the baby will relax and enjoy enormous pleasure. For this reason, our site has prepared some videos in which you can meet and learn how to give your baby a good massage.

1- Massage to relieve baby colic

Relieving colic in infants using the abdominal massage technique is an excellent resource to calm babies. A massage before colic appears can help the baby to overcome it. It is important that the environment is warm and without drafts. Heat a little natural oil such as almond oil in your hands and start with an up and down movement, from the chest towards the baby's tummy. Then, in a clockwise direction, make circular movements in the area, making a crescent around the navel. Next, move the baby's legs, stretching them and then bending them. Finish with very soft rubs.

2. Stimulating massage for the baby

Through tactile stimulation, emotional contact with the baby can be nurtured. Activate and tone muscles. Heat a little almond oil in your hands and begin by massaging the baby's legs and feet, with some pressure to activate circulation, from the foot to the hip. Same with the other leg. Then, do the same movements on the baby's arms and hands. Next, stretch both arms towards the center and towards the leg on the opposite side. Repeat the movements one more time and you're done.

3. Relaxing massage for the baby

The relaxing massage is a very special sensory experience for the baby. Both parents and baby must be relaxed to enjoy this massage, advisable after bathing, before dinner or half an hour after their milk intake. Spread the almond oil on the baby's leg and foot, in a very gentle way. The same with the other legs and with the arms. Massage the hands but not the palms, then the chest, from the center outwards. Next, turn the baby over and massage his back from one side to the other, and from top to bottom. And that's it.

Stimulating massage for the baby. Children's massage to stimulate your senses. We teach you how to massage your baby to gently stimulate him and strengthen the bond with his parents. The physiotherapist Elena Neila tells us what movements we have to do in babies to stimulate them.

Relaxing massage. Use massage to relax the baby. A massage is beneficial for the baby, so that he can fall asleep more easily. Both parents and baby must be relaxed to enjoy this massage calmly. Video tutorial explains step by step how to massage babies, step by step.

Massage to relieve colic. We teach you how to do a massage to relieve colic in a nursing baby. Attentive to the advice of Elena Neila, Physiotherapist specialized in babies and pregnancy. In this video, she teaches us in detail about what to use, where and how to do a massage to relieve the baby's gas.

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