One year old baby. Baby development month by month

One year old baby. Baby development month by month

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During the baby's first year, the awakening of his abilities are noticeable. At this age, the baby will be walking (or almost), but at least they will try to stand up. At first, he walks with open arms to better balance himself. It will not be easy for him and in many cases he will swing from one side to the other.

For the same reason, parents must be very careful in this phase so that there is no major fall that could seriously affect it, as this could make the baby fearful to walk.

Once the baby learns to walk, it does not stop. You no longer want to be held in your arms like when you were a baby, but prefer to move freely.

He seems to always carry the 'batteries' on, and will have his parents running around after him all day. The good thing about all this for parents is that after a busy day, the little one will sleep better at night.

In their first year, children are there to eat them. They are cute and parents delight us with their first sweethearts, which are based on blowing kisses with their hands. As for the sociability of the baby, an increase is perceived. The child no longer wants to be alone under any circumstances, needs to be surrounded by people. And if he is, he will burst into tears.

But you need not only emotional company, but also for leisure. He does not want to be or play alone. He still depends a lot on his parents to feel safe, and will continue to do so even if he is older. Likewise, every day understand better what they say to him, although his ability to speak is limited and I babbled words unintelligible to parents. However, an evolution is noticeable and he can already perfectly tell his age by showing the one with the index finger.

Now the little one also begins to show his character. He can't speak well, but he does know how to react when he doesn't want something or it just bothers him. The occasional tantrum may arise at this stage, because the baby will prove some independence when moving from one place to another. This will give him more confidence and therefore he will react angrily to his own limitations imposed by his parents.

From the age of twelve months, the egg white can already be introduced into the baby's purees, in this way, it already takes the whole egg. It is recommended that the intake does not exceed 3 seanal eggs.

If breastfeeding is still maintained with 4 feedings a day, the baby is guaranteed the necessary supply of milk, otherwise they have to take around 500 ml daily.

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