Pregnancy. Changes in the woman's body month by month

Pregnancy. Changes in the woman's body month by month

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One of the main curiosities that pregnant women have is to know how the baby develops week by week and how it changes, evolves and grows. Therefore, the ultrasound is a very special moment, since you can see your baby's movements through a monitor. There is a lot of information about the baby's changes inside the womb, but little is said about how the baby evolves. pregnant belly.

The uterus of a woman increases ten times its size throughout the gestation and goes from 60 grams to 1000 grams. This growth causes displacement of other organs, the back curves back, the stomach and lungs move upwards. But, far from the discomfort or changes that it produces in a woman's body, the growth of the abdomen is the most obvious proof of pregnancy.

Month 1. The belly in the first month of pregnancy: Although the woman may already experience some pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, or breast enlargement, the uterus has not yet grown enough to be visible. The embryo is in the shape of a tadpole and is no larger than a millimeter.

Month 2.The uterus in the second month of pregnancy: the changes in the pregnant woman's body are not yet noticeable to others, but at the end of this period, the baby is already 1.9 centimeters tall, the uterus has begun to expand and is the size of a bunch of grapes.

Month 3.The woman's body in the third month of pregnancy: the uterus begins to be palpable above the pubic line. At this time it is normal to feel sleepy and tired and have great sensitivity in the chest. The baby is already about 7 centimeters and an ultrasound will be able to show the first images of the fetus.

Month 4.The gut in the fourth month of pregnancy: the uterus is the size of a small melon, if you feel below the navel you will notice it. Its growth presses on some blood vessels making it difficult for blood to circulate, so your feet may feel swollen or small spider veins or varicose veins may appear. The baby is already 12 centimeters and his head is much larger than his body.

Month 5.Tummy growth in the fifth month of pregnancy: the uterine fundus has reached the level of the navel. The waist has widened and the pregnancy is totally evident. The baby is about 20 centimeters. In week 20 of pregnancy, one of the most important ultrasounds of pregnancy is performed as they will rule out or diagnose possible malformations and confirm the sex of the baby.

Month 6.The gut of the pregnant woman in the sixth month: the uterus, which has continued to grow in recent weeks, is already 4 centimeters beyond the navel line. The baby is about 12 inches tall and is surrounded by a pint of amniotic fluid. It still has room to move and rotate on itself within the uterus. At this stage of pregnancy you will already notice their kicks.

Month 7. Your body in the seventh month of pregnancy: the uterus measures 11 centimeters above the navel. The increase in the volume of the uterus causes the stomach and intestine to move, favoring the appearance of the annoying heartburn and acidity of pregnancy. The baby is already around 40 centimeters.

Month 8. The belly in the eighth month of pregnancy: the uterine height is 34 centimeters. The uterus has grown so much in these weeks that it has displaced the lungs upwards, this makes you feel fatigued when making small efforts, since the lung capacity is lower. The baby is between 45 and 59 centimeters and has little room to move. At this stage of pregnancy an ultrasound can only show you in parts.

Month 9. Gut growth in the ninth month of pregnancy: the uterus has reached the level of the ribs and the uterine fundus is about 40 centimeters from the pubis. The pregnancy has reached its final stretch, at this time there will be the erasure or shortening of the cervix and the dilation of the birth canal to allow the baby to come out.

Once the baby is born, the uterus progressively returns to its initial state. Little by little you will recover your figure but this will be a process that can take up to 12 months.

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