How to tell a child that his brother has cancer

How to tell a child that his brother has cancer

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Cancer is a very difficult disease not only because of its treatment but also because of everything it generates in the family environment. Understanding what cancer is, knowing its phases, considering possible relapses and sequelae, is a very complicated situation for an adult. It is even worse for a child.

When the patient is a child and it turns out that he has siblings, the doubts, the fears, as well as all the feelings and emotions that this situation generates, grow in the family, and the parents do not know how to explain to the other children, what they understand or do not accept. Thinking about it, the psycho-oncologist Lucía González Vizcaya wrote 'Me and my brother's Cancer', a story that will help children understand a brother's cancer.

The difficult situations many families experience allow them to 'roll up their sleeves' to fight with all their might and overcome them. The book invites families to learn about a series of resources and skills that will help them face the disease process together and together. In addition, this publication describes cancer, as well as its stages and treatments, from the point of view of the siblings of those affected.

The author analyzes the emotions, doubts, thoughts and fears in each phase, and offers strategies that allow the family to face this very painful reality at home or at school. Lucia González is aware of how vulnerable the environment of the child becomes. sick cancer patient. For this reason, the publication analyzes both the opportunities and the difficulties in overcoming childhood cancer. This story is intended and can be a useful tool in working with people affected by this disease.

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