Child suffers from the world's rarest type of cancer

Child suffers from the world's rarest type of cancer

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It is called Oligodendroglial leptomeningeal disseminated and it is a type of cancer that affects the central nervous system of the brain and the spine of George McIntosh, a Scottish boy barely 6 years old. It is considered the rarest tumor in the world since until today only nine adults in the world have suffered from it. So George is the first child to develop this disease.

This disease, which has become a challenge for doctors, was diagnosed a year ago in George after a visit to the hospital for a consultation about the strabismus that the boy had suddenly developed in one of his eyes. At the hospital, they observed that he had an inflammation in his brain. Doctors initially thought George had meningitis or tuberculosis, so they treated him for these conditions. A few months later, during a routine exam, they realized that they had made a mistake with the diagnosis. After a biopsy of the boy's spine, they detected a rare tumor.

As this is something new, all the treatment George receives, through chemotherapy sessions and surgeries, is experimental. Although, happily, the cancer is low-grade and benign, George has to continue with tests to monitor the progression of the disease. According to Julie, the boy's mother, 'this disease has changed our lives. We live from day to day, enjoying all the little things that happen to us. '

In George's time with treatment, his brother Archie has been a great support to him. His mother explains that 'there is a special bond between them. I am excited to see one supporting the other. When Archie is sad, George is able to get up from his wheelchair to hug him. And when George, from the effects of chemotherapy, vomits and feels bad, Archie is the first to help and comfort him. '

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