Stages of children's drawing

Stages of children's drawing

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Children use drawings as a means of expression, through strokes and colors they explain their world and their vision of things. Children's drawings evolve as the child does.

As he gains psychomotor and cognitive skills, his drawing goes from simple scribbles to more detailed and complicated lines.

In We tell you what the children's drawings tell us and how they change as the children grow older.

Colors in children's drawings. The children's drawings and the colors they use reveal many aspects of their personality. Discover the meaning of colors in children's drawings. Each tone will highlight a positive quality of the child and another not so good to which you will have to pay special attention.

How to interpret children's drawings. We tell you how to interpret the drawings that your child makes. Drawing is an expression of feelings that can reveal how the child feels about his family, his school, friends, etc. Learn to interpret and 'read' everything the children's drawings say.

Children's drawings according to their age. Learning to draw is a great challenge for children. Therefore, it must be respected as something natural, spontaneous, and without rules. Each child is different and will develop their skills when the time comes. Get to know the types of pictures children make according to their age.

The stages of drawing in children. Children's drawing brings a lot of benefits to the child. Among them, it improves writing and stimulates creativity. Also, it helps them express their feelings and emotions. We tell you how children's drawings evolve according to their age.

What the children's drawings say. The drawings that children make are a good means of communication in this sense, they function as windows to their most recondite secrets. When children are very young, how difficult is it to know what is going through their little heads ... Many times many of us would like to be an ant to enter their thoughts since they do not always know how to express, with words, what they think or feel.

Children's drawings and intelligence. A recent study ensures that children's drawings tell us much more than we think. Among them, how smart they will be when they grow up.

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